Advanced Service Training for Lenses

A skilled and experienced ARRI service technician will explain the advanced design behind and inside the Signature lenses, imparting the skills required to diagnose problems quickly and solve them effectively.

Rental facilities will find that service technicians who have completed the training work faster and more efficiently, saving time and money by minimizing the occurrence of problems that necessitate shipping a lens back to the factory. The training is designed to give you the most in-depth repair and maintenance capabilities you can get with a set of basic and widely available tools. This includes not only front lens elements and housing parts, but also the LDS-2 electronics. Every participant will get the possibility to disassemble and reassemble ARRI Signature lenses, practicing every action they might be confronted with in their everyday business. After completing a workshop, attendees will be authorized to order tools and spare parts that are not available to anybody else.

What you will learn

  • Exchange of front lens element
  • Adjustment of focal flange distance
  • Exchange and maintenance of all lens housing parts
  • LDS-2 repair and calibration
  • Image quality control

Who should attend

  • Camera owner-operators
  • Rental staff


The course is held in English.

What you will learn
Who should attend

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