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L-Series Plus

Cut. Shape. Focus. Tune.

What's L-Series Plus?

ARRI's L-Series Plus LED spotlights feature true Fresnel characteristics: continuous focusability from spot to flood; a uniform, homogeneous light field; and up to 90% more light output compared to their predecessors in an upgraded version. The L-Series Plus benefits from the latest, highly efficient LED technology and allows complete color and intensity control of the light. It is built to be robust and ergonomic and meets the quality and design standards for which ARRI is known.

L5-C Plus blue/silver Manual: L1.0048800
L7-C Plus blue/silver Manual: L1.0048804

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Versatile LED spotlights with true Fresnel performance

  • Up to 90% brighter, very similar size and weight to the original L-Series
  • Direct network connectivity for LAN input and light control via ArtNet and Streaming ACN
  • Continuous focusability from spot to flood
  • Smooth, homogeneous field of light
  • Complete control over color and intensity
  • Intuitive SkyPanel Classic onboard control and user interface
  • Two variants: L5-C Plus and L7-C Plus in blue-silver and black with different yoke options
  • Compatible with standard barndoors and L-Series accessories

All variants and options

L5-C Plus and L7-C Plus fixtures come in blue and silver or sleek all-black, with either a manual or PO yoke. What best suits your needs?

  • Yokes


    According to your application – choose between the manual yoke and pole-operated yoke.

  • Colors


    L-Series Plus comes in two housing colors. In addition to the iconic blue and silver, you are maybe up for the sleek all-black version, tailored for live entertainment applications.

  • Sizes


    ARRI L-Series Plus fixtures come in two variants: the L5-C Plus featuring a five-inch Fresnel lens and the L7-C Plus featuring a seven-inch Fresnel lens.

The light engine and color management

Specially calibrated for optimum reproduction on broadcast and digital cinema cameras, the light emitted by the L-Series Plus ensures pleasant skin tones and vividly rendered colors.  Color temperature, tint, and hue can be continuously controlled from 2,800 K to 10,000 K, between full plus or minus green and RGBW colors. There is also a large selection of gels to choose from.

Superior output

Up to 90% and on average 60% more output—depending on model, beam angle, and chosen color temperature—make L-Series again the brightest in class of full-color Fresnel fixtures.

Even light field

Clear, defined shadows and perfect Gaussian diffusion—ARRI's L-Series Plus provide the same single shadow properties lighting designers and gaffers expect, delivering natural results.

Smooth operation

Sliding stirrup

ARRI's sliding stirrup allows for precise adjustment of the center point to balance front-end accessories. It is also possible to pull the device backwards and reduce the suspension height.

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Focus knob

A focus knob on the side of each fixture allows for smooth adjustment of the beam spread, just like conventional sources.

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Tilt lock

The high strength tilt lock provides extremely secure locking, eliminating movement and slippage and ensuring that the fixture stays where you put it.

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This device has not yet been authorized by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and will not be, offered for sale or lease within the United States, until authorization is obtained.

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