A white typeface saying "ALEXA35 Workflows" on top of an unsharp image of ALEXA 35 in front of a black background.

ALEXA 35 Workflows

Your hub for ALEXA 35 in pre- and post-production!

Get to know ALEXA 35 by familiarizing yourself with the camera simulator, ARRI Textures and other features or create frame lines for your upcoming shoot. Prepare post-production by checking if your software suite supports your needs.

Representation of an ARRI ALEXA 35 camera and alexa 35 sample textures to show the workflow.
ALEXA 35 Postproduction Compatibility

Find out which features of the ALEXA 35 tool kit are currently supported in 3rd party applications

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alexa 35 sample footage.
REVEAL Color Science

A new generation of color science – and it's backwards compatible!

Experience REVEAL...

Showing the detail of footage taken by the ALEXA 35.

The digital film stock that refines ALEXA 35 images.

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Image of alexa 35 sample footage.
Log C

Logarithmic image recording in its next generation for ALEXA 35: LogC4

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Impressive close-up of an eye, as a representation of alexa 35 sample textures.
ARRI Look File

The ARRI Look File combines ASC CDL and a creative 3D LUT with live-grading capability.

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Do you have questions about ALEXA 35 color on set and in post?

See if our Color FAQ can help!

Representation of the alexa 35 workflow
ARRI HDE Transcoder

High Density Encoding with ALEXA 35

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ALEXA 35 Sample Footage. A picture taken during a shoot with the ALEXA 35 in nature.
Sample Footage & Reference Image

Get a feel for ALEXA 35. Have a go with footage from ALEV4.

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Illustration of alexa 35 tools - alexa 35 postproduction.
ARRI Reference Tool (ART)

The sucessor to ARRIRAW Converter, Color Tool and Meta Extract with support for ALEXA 35.

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Illustration of alexa 35 tools.
ALEXA 35 Camera Simulator

Familiarize yourself with the ALEXA 35 menu.

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Close-up of a lens used to display alexa 35 tools.
Frame Line & Lens Illumination Tool

Create framing guides for your delivery format and check if your lens covers the desired sensor mode.

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Simbol to mark the alexa 35 info.
Formats & Data Rate Calculator

Calculate the storage space required for your production.

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Three people facing the lens and talking to the camera.
Tech Tips & Tech Talks

Video Tutorials on workflow related topics

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