cmotion cdistance

Ultra bright display for distance visualization

Easy to read in bright daylight as well as darker environments.



  • sevensegment display
  • can be used in bright daylight as well as in darker environments
  • can be connected directly to ARRI’s WCU4 or cmotion’s cPRO LCS interface for super bright distance readouts on the handset
  • can also be used with ARRI’s UDM1 (UDM sensor need to be connected to a LCUBE CUB-1 converter)
  • 3 buttons for adjustments: brightness, view (distance, focus, iris or zoom visualization) and unit (metric or imperial)


I needed something where I could read my distance in an easy, clear and bright way. The cdistance gave me the possibility to mount this anywhere I want because of it lightweight modular system.

Vincent Aaron Segers 1st AC (Known for: Blackout, Calibro 9, De zonen van Van As, De Twaalf, Johnny Walker and many more)

cmotion cdistance FAQ

cdistance connected to cPRO_3
cdistance connected to cPRO_2
cfinder III connected to ALEXA Mini