cmotion cdistance

Ultra bright display for distance visualization

Easy to read in bright daylight as well as darker environments.


  • Bright, seven-segment display that’s easy to read in daylight and dimmable for studio and low light work
  • Compact yet rugged aluminum enclosure, easy to mount on the camera or your focus handset
  • Connect directly to ARRI’s Hi‑5 or WCU‑4 or cmotion’s cPRO LCS interface for super-bright display of distance measurement, or of focus, iris, or zoom position

  • Also useable as a larger, brighter display for ARRI’s UDM‑1, alongside an LCUBE CUB-1
  • 2x LBUS ports support daisy-chaining
  • 3 buttons for adjustments: brightness, view (distance, focus, iris, or zoom visualization) and unit (metric or imperial)


I needed something where I could read my distance in an easy, clear and bright way. The cdistance gave me the possibility to mount this anywhere I want because of it lightweight modular system.

Vincent Aaron Segers 1st AC (Known for: Blackout, Calibro 9, De zonen van Van As, De Twaalf, Johnny Walker and many more)

cmotion cdistance FAQ

  • Yes, the WCU‑4 supports the cdistance for Focus, Iris, Zoom and Distance value display. Use an LCS to LBUS cable to connect the two devices. WCU‑4 SUP 3.0 or later is required to support the cmotion cdistance.

  • Yes, the Hi‑5 fully supports the cdistance with SUP 2.0. Any LBUS to LBUS cable can be used, but a specific short, right angle cable has been developed for this combination: K2.0048534

  • That depends on the brightness level and power source. An estimation of run time is provided below, based on a WCU‑4:

cdistance connected to cPRO_3
cdistance connected to cPRO_2
cfinder III connected to ALEXA Mini