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Master Grips

Ultimate handheld control

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Cine-style handgrips with documentary - style controls

ARRI Master Grips combine effective camera stabilization with flexible and responsive fingertip control of lens and camera while shooting handheld. Master Grips are available in four versions: right-side and left-side, with either a rocker or a thumb wheel.


Best overall production value

  • EF, ENG, and cine lens control
  • Advanced camera control
  • Solid mechanical design
  • Override the Hi‑5 and WCU‑4 hand unit

Useful features

  • Proven ergonomics
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multi-lingual display
  • Set focus, iris, zoom limits
  • Focus tracking
  • Adjustable speed control


Freud (1)


Sea of Shadows

Sea of Shadows


Space Dogs

Die Wütenden - Les Misérables

Les Misérables

Fack ju Göhte 3

Fack ju Göthe 3


Never have I held grips that rest in my hands so seamlessly. I was impressed by my initial use regarding comfort and intuitiveness. They made the beastly build fun and easily controllable.

Cinematographer Alexandra Taupier de Pando (Known for: "Mental", "To The Top and Beyond", "Clean Slate", and many more)

Quite nice that you have one tool, that can be deployed in many different modes.

Cinematographer Neil Harvey (Known for: Warrior Women of Dahomey, Frontline and many more)

I had the Master Grip rocker on days where things need to be going fast. That was really cool and they worked very well. Especially when I wanted to do fast zooms, which you are not able to do manually because you need both hands on the grips. With the Master Grips it was possible.

Cinematographer Markus Nestroy (Known for: Fack ju Göthe 3, Freud, Hot Dog, Whatever Happens, Unsere Zeit ist jetzt and many more)

What I really like about the Master Grips, is they give me the ability to do a clean handheld job, pulling focus while having lots of user buttons and the same time.  If you feel comfortable and familiar with them, they are worth their weight in gold.

Cinematographer Clemens Krüger (Known for: Lufthansa Life changing places and many more)

The ARRI Master Grips were a huge help when using ND filters. You can take the ND filters in and out on the ALEXA Mini or the AMIRA pretty quickly and that's a huge relief. Especially together with the EF lenses where you can directly adjust the aperture without making changes in the viewfinder, here you can hold the camera stable in your hands.

Cinematographer Marvin Hastert (Known for: World Club Dome Zero Gravity and many more)

Master Grips put all the creative control into the hands of a DP or operator.

Cinematographer Jake Horgan (Known for: Heart of Asia Mayflower and many more)

I loved the fact that I did not have to take my hands off the grips. I could completely control the camera while having stable and smooth camera movements.

Cinematographer Marvin Tomé (Known for: Future of mobility and many more)

There are so many products on the market that don’t work in some extreme conditions. Like when it’s really hot, they just don’t really function very well. But the Master Grips performed perfectly. I underestimated how solid they would be. It was great!

Cinematographer Isabella Tan (Known for: Heart of Asia Mayflower, Kingdom by the Sea, Souvenirs, Extra/Ordinary and many more)

Easy to set up and calibrate, and so great to have focus and RC in a comfortable position when you don’t have a focus puller.

Cinematographer Josh Flavell, ASC (Known for: Significant Strangers, Pimped, The House, Fresh Blood Pilot Season, BedHead, #7DaysLater, Deadbeat Dads, various Commercials and many more)

I’ve been hesitant to utilize the Master Grips in my documentary work, because speed is so critical in verite.  I finally had this project, utilizing anamorphic lenses in a verite setting, and I wanted to try the Master Grips out to smooth out the camera and focus movement to offset the style.  Now, I plan to take the Master Grips on every doc shoot from now on.

Cinematographer Logan Schneider (Known for: Gentefied, Drunk History, Ave Maria Bamford, Dryvrs, Grip and Electric and many more)

We were shooting with children and dogs - a challenge, because you don’t know exactly where the dog is running next. That’s why I had a zoom lens on the ALEXA Mini and used the Master Grips. They were great – I could always react on what’s happening and control the zoom without having to change my grip – I could keep the camera stable.

Cinematographer Eugen Gritschneder (Known for: SOKO Köln, Racko – Ein Hund für alle Fälle, Wakling Life, Mollath, Familienfieber and many more)

The Master Grip transforms a Feature Film Camera into a highly flexible and agile docu style cam... with the same image quality. What more can you wish for. Even changing lenses and crossing different light situations is possible for a 1-2 men show.

Cinematographer Richard Böhringer (Known for: documentaries, fiction, as well as commercials for Brands such as Reebok, Allianz and Mercedes and many more)


Master Grips – Cine lenses

Override Function available

Master Grips – EF lenses

Master Grips – Servo Zoom lenses

Master Grips – cforce mini RF + cforce mini/plus motors

Override Function available

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Ergonomic and solid

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