Photography applications

Continuous lighting for photography and video set-ups and shootings

Continuous lighting for photography and video

With deep roots in the film and TV market, ARRI understands that continuous light sources are necessary for a successful shoot. ARRI’s LED luminaries are equipped with many features and accessories to control all fixture properties. ARRI lighting enables you to experience pure creativity without limits, express power through experimentation, or create elegant shots where only your imagination is needed.

The ARRI LED family: SkyPanel family, Orbiter and L-Series

Discover the ARRI Lighting LED Ecosystem. Advanced LED lighting products with intelligent control. Manufactured for all ranges of lighting needs.

Continuous lighting—What you see is what you get

  • Bright, continuous light output
  • Capture photos and short videos with the same set-up
  • See the set-up as it will be on camera
  • Ability to create effects in-camera

Beautiful color rendition

  • Natural skin colors
  • Create looks fast with built-in fixture lighting effects 
  • Countless color possibilities
  • Perfect shadows

Control the light—wireless and remotely

  • Possibility to remote control the lights
  • Go wireless from a soft light to hard shadows within seconds
  • Countless color possibilities available with a finger tab
  • Saving lighting plots, looks and favorites

Powerful range of accessories

  • A variety of lighting accessories and modifiers create the best light for your perfect photo
  • Turn from soft light to hard shadows in seconds using a variety of optics and accessories
  • Abundant selection of light modifiers
Powerful continuous lighting enables easy photo and video workflows 

Showcase videos

Join us behind the lens as we dive into exclusive video showcases featuring accomplished photographers. Gain insights into their lighting  setups, and learn why continuous lighting takes center stage in their  creative process.


Mastering natural skin tones: Illuminating comp card photography with Simon Preissinger


Continuous Lighting: Part 1 – Product Photography

ARRI Studio Photography, picture of Thomas Kierok captures beautiful portraits.

Continuous Lighting: Series 2 – Portrait Photography


Continuous Lighting: Series 3 - Beauty & Fashion Photography

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-20 um 09.57.06

Take Five: Nader Abushhab on Capturing Aerialists for Fine Art Photography

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-07 um 10.53.28

Shooting with Photographer Ka Pooh and ARRIs S360-C


Creative Use of Continuous Lighting with Stan Evans


Lighting for Mixed Media Fine Art Project - "The Dance"

ARRI Lighting Showreel – Behind the Scenes

ARRI Lighting Showreel – Behind the Scenes

ARRI SkyPanel family

The Classic SkyPanel and SkyPanel X are the ultimate lighting solutions tailored for professional photographers and photo studios. The Classic SkyPanel is a high-quality LED light, offering exceptional color rendition and widespread availability throughout most rental houses worldwide as it quickly became a favorite amongst photographers.

SkyPanel X takes innovation a step further, introducing a modular system with multiple size options (X21, X22, X23). It redefines the game with native soft and hard light technology, setting new benchmarks in dimming precision, color science, and lux output for medium to long throws. With a dynamic CCT range from 1,500 K to 20,000 K, and flicker-free low end dimming from 100% - 0% it is ideal for close-ups for photographers.

Both SkyPanel X and Classic SkyPanel integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow and empower you to capture the perfect shot in any setting.

Explore the SkyPanel family

ARRI Orbiter

Lighting Basics Stage

Orbiter is the most technologically advanced digital luminaire ever to be created for image capture and photography while maintaining superior color fidelity. Flexibility and precise control with various modifiers and light control options make the Orbiter the go-to fixture for many studio lighting applications.

Explore Orbiter for photography

User feedback

Aigars Altenbergs photo at Art Museum RIGA BOURSE

Aigars Altenberg


In my opinion, the ARRI Orbiter is a fantastic light source not only for filming, but also for photography. The accuracy of the light colors is so balanced and so similar to real sunlight that the 100 and 500 year old paintings open up in such vibrant and nuanced hues as if they were painted yesterday.
Orbiter's light engine reveals nuances that would otherwise only be perceptible and visible in the UV or IR spectrum. But with the ARRI Orbiter, even the eyes of a specialist can see these nuances in the precise and nuanced illumination of the Orbiter.


Cory Geryak


Orbiter’s optical system and color versatility are a groundbreaking combination. The color science renders natural-looking skin tones, along with an endless array of variable colors.

ARRI L-Series

The L-Series is the first LED fixture to truly incorporate the Fresnel characteristics of continuous focus from spot to flood and a smooth, homogenous light field. The point source with a variety of colors and gels is perfectly suited for photography applications of all kinds.

Explore the L-Series
Lighting Basics Stage
Explore the lighting handbook

User Content

Discover the stories of other professionals who have harnessed the power of continuous lighting to transform their photography and videography. Explore their work and glean insights from their experiences, demonstrating the remarkable impact of continuous lighting on their creative journey.

Jan. 28, 2024

What is a better combination than Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Vogue and ARRI lights and cameras? 🎥💡

But let gaffer Walker Edelman (@walkeredelman) tell you what he thinks about ARRI: “I’ve been a user of ARRI units for years now and have specifically been a huge fan of the SkyPanel series. We needed ...

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-19 um 10.00.58
Oct. 26, 2021

Photographer @ThomasKierok about "Human and Dog"

Photographer @ThomasKierok once again relied on ARRI #Orbiter to light his latest project “Mensch und Hund” (Human and Dog)...

ARRI Photography Ambassadors

Introducing our esteemed ARRI photography ambassadors, the brilliant minds who have harnessed the power of continuous lighting to redefine photography. Learn from their expertise, discover their inspirational work, and understand why they choose ARRI.

Eberhard Schuy – Germany

Eberhard Schuy is a professional photographer from Germany, specialized in international advertising and industrial photography as well as a coach, advisor, concept developer and author of many training concepts and books about photography. His focus is on still-life photography, creating pictures that are very reduced to represent the actual object. He prefers to achieve this without editing and rather concentrates on an excellent lighting set up.


Thomas Kierok – Germany

Thomas Kierok is a professional photographer from Germany, specialized in portrait, people and business photography. He photographs for magazines, advertising agencies and companies.

He has published several portrait photo books: "Einsichten" (Insights) in 2008, "Mauergeschichten" (Berlin wall stories) in 2009 and "Hundert" (100 Years of Life) in 2019. In his images he tries to capture the interesting, the special of each person. Thomas Kierok also works as a lecturer for photography.


William Barrington-Binns – Thailand

William Barrington-Binns is an international award winning photographer, specialized in commercial, Architectural Haute Couture photography and videography, he is also a concept artist. William is now based in Bangkok, Thailand, proactive in promoting both gender and ethnic equality, sustainable and fair trade for all.


Bruce Dorn – USA

Bruce Dorn is a professional photographer from the USA, in capturing beautiful people in beautiful places, fashion, swimwear, couture and lifestyle but also adventure, aerials & underwater, wildlife and motorsports. His style of work is concept driven, creatively composed, and his set ups are creatively illuminated.


John Engstrom – USA

John Engstrom is a professional lighting designer, photographer and cinematographer from the USA. His style of work is always to get the requested results in the safest, most efficient, prettiest way possible first and then allows for a more dangerous approach that usually ends in an edgy and beautiful result.


Wayne Johns – UK

Wayne Johns is a professional photographer, cinematographer and director for fashion, beauty, and advertising based in the UK. He is best known for his crisp and emotive imagery and as a master of lighting techniques with an artistic approach.  


James Salzano – USA

James Salzano is a professional photographer from the USA with Italian roots, specialized in people, portraits, and lifestyle. His style of work is direct and dignified, honest and compassionate and he works hard to portray his subjects just like this.


Jem Schofield – USA

Jem Schofield is a professional producer/ director, DP, and educator based in the US but originally born in Scotland. His work varies, much of it is documentary or documentary style (for corporate work) and all of his work is focused on creating the best images possible but always putting the story or content first.


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