ARRI Lighting

This is ARRI Lighting

Since 1924, ARRI has been developing and manufacturing professional lighting products for the motion picture and television industry. And since 1953, all ARRI lights have all been produced in Stephanskirchen, a small town near Rosenheim in southern Germany.
More than 60,000 high-quality luminaires that utilize conventional and LED technology for professional use are produced in the 3,000 sq. m. (over 32,290 sq. ft.) factory in Stephanskirchen every year. ARRI’s worldwide subsidiaries in Beijing (China), Berlin (Germany), Blauvelt (New York), Burbank (California, both USA), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), Hong Kong (China), London (Great Britain), Milan (Italy), Paris (France), São Paulo (Brasil), Sydney (Australia), and Toronto (Canada) service the local regions.
ARRI luminaires are used on film sets, in television and photo studios, in theaters as well as at major trade fairs and events.
The portfolio of ARRI lighting products include: SkyPanel, Orbiter, a series of LED soft lights; the L-Series, a LED focusable Fresnel series of lights; Academy Award winning daylight products such as the M-Series which includes the unique and patented MAX reflector; electronic ballasts; a wide selection of accessories and much more.
As a service provider, the ARRI System Group equips modern TV studios around the world with innovative lighting solutions.

The Passion for Lighting.

Sunrise, fire, electric light – sources of our existence. Light is essential to everyone.

It’s in our DNA.

ARRI lives and breathes lighting. Bringing darkness into light and capturing the created images.

Freedom in creativity.

ARRI lighting encourages experimentation and originality. Our LED luminaries have a wide range of features that give you command over all fixture properties.

Lighting | Redefined

Interact with the light, paint with the light, and make the light work for you.

Over 100 years and still innovating.

ARRI lighting technology enables our customers to experience pure creativity, expressive power and elegant brilliance in every lighting detail.


ARRI sponsorship continues to light up La Fémis in Paris

Renewed support from ARRI Lighting helped to realize short films created by third-year students at the renowned film school, La Fémis.


Callaway Live Ups Its Game with ARRI SkyPanels

When Callaway Golf wanted to upgrade its video productions, video producer Tony Regalmuto and marketing manager Ethan Ganot had a wish list: the system had to be versatile to handle different production demands, easy enough for non-professionals to use and provide the highest quality result.


ARRI SkyPanel S360-C at 2019 Grammy Awards

2019 Grammy Awards are nominated for four Emmy Awards, including Lighting Design. Go behind the scenes with lighting designers Bob Dickinson and Noah Mitz to discover how they used the ARRI SkyPanel S360-C during the show.


ARRI, this year in cooperation with Volucap, organizes the second International Broadcast Day

For the second year in a row, ARRI created a professional exchange platform to discuss important trends affecting the media and broadcast industry complete with expert equipment and solutions.


ARRI Lighting behind the scenes of the brand new BTV media convergence studio in Beijing

With magnificent sets, advanced equipment, and the modern concept of media convergence, Beijing Television’s (BTV) brand new media convergence studio opened and utilizes more than 100 LED lighting sets from ARRI.


SkyPanels from ARRI light up “4 O’clock at Night” for Sido

At the shooting of the music video “Sido feat. Haftbefehl & Kool Savas – 4 Uhr Nachts” a SkyPanel 360-C and two SkyPanels 60-C provided the lighting. Cinematographer Nikola Krivokuca on the use of ARRI LED spotlights.


The magic of ARRI SkyPanels at the Théâtre du Soleil

The French theater collective Compagnie Des Cinq Roues performed in the renowned French Théâtre du Soleil in Paris with stage light from ARRI’s SkyPanel S60-C—and will do so in more than 60 theatres and festivals across the country soon.

la femis 1

ARRI sponsors world renowned film school, La Fémis in Paris

Equipment from ARRI Lighting helped to illuminate several student projects at the famous Parisienne film school.


ARRI’s SkyPanels illuminate “Medea” at the Burgtheater in Vienna

At Vienna’s Burgtheater, 20 SkyPanels S60-C from ARRI are currently providing perfect stage lighting for Simon Stone’s production of “Medea.”