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ARRI Lighting

100 years of lighting excellence

This is ARRI Lighting

Since 1924, ARRI has been developing and manufacturing professional lighting products for the motion picture and television industry. And since 1953, all ARRI lights have all been produced in Stephanskirchen, a small town near Rosenheim in southern Germany.
More than 60,000 high-quality luminaires that utilize conventional and LED technology for professional use are produced in the 3,000 sq. m. (over 32,290 sq. ft.) factory in Stephanskirchen every year. ARRI’s worldwide subsidiaries in Beijing (China), Berlin (Germany), Blauvelt (New York), Burbank (California, both USA), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), Hong Kong (China), London (Great Britain), Milan (Italy), Paris (France), São Paulo (Brasil), Sydney (Australia), and Toronto (Canada) service the local regions.
ARRI luminaires are used on film sets, in television and photo studios, in theaters as well as at major trade fairs and events.
The portfolio of ARRI lighting products include: the versatile Orbiter, SkyPanel, an Engineering Emmy award winning series of LED soft lights; the L-Series, a LED focusable Fresnel series of lights; Academy Award winning daylight products such as the M-Series which includes the unique and patented MAX reflector; electronic ballasts; a wide selection of accessories and much more.
As a service provider, the ARRI Solutions Group equips modern TV studios around the world with innovative lighting solutions.

1924 – 2024: 100 years of lighting excellence

100 years ago, in 1924, ARRI began production of the first mirror-faceted reflector with an electric light bulb and designed a mobile generator, fully equipped and powered by an aircraft engine. Perfect for location filming, the generator and lights proved to be a popular rental package. 

We’ve come a long way
For everyone who wants to reminisce: 100 years Timeline

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Since then, we’ve learned a lot; we’ve innovated, failed, tried again, and got better.
With your help, feedback, testing, but most importantly with your trust, we’ve been able to bring you bespoke tools and fixtures, like the powerhouse ARRISUN or the award-winning ARRIMAX technology, and set the industry standard with our SkyPanel family.

But let’s look ahead, there are always ways to improve. And this is what inspires us the most: new ideas, tomorrow’s talents, unconventional solutions, the future. For our anniversary year, we are focusing even more on education and nurturing young talents to ensure the next century is filled with creativity and advancements in the world of lighting.

Manufacturing standards

ARRI Lighting in Stephanskirchen, Germany, holds the DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate, the world’s most respected quality management standard. The certificate confirms that ARRI has an established Quality Management System in place for the development, manufacturing, and sales of lighting products, accessories, kits and systems.

The internationally recognized ISO 9001 certificate demonstrates ARRI’s ability to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Many big corporations, e.g., studios or streaming services, require suppliers to be ISO 9001 certified. Meeting the requirements also leads to significant improvements in organizational efficiency and product quality by minimizing waste and errors and increasing productivity. “This is a powerful commitment and a distinction of high quality, and it fits perfectly with the ARRI brand: Premium quality, certified,” says Raphael Kiesel, Senior Vice President Business Unit Lighting at ARRI.

The Passion for Lighting.

Sunrise, fire, electric light – sources of our existence. Light is essential to everyone.

It’s in our DNA.

ARRI lives and breathes lighting. Bringing darkness into light and capturing the created images.

Freedom in creativity.

ARRI lighting encourages experimentation and originality. Our LED luminaries have a wide range of features that give you command over all fixture properties.

Lighting | Redefined

Interact with the light, paint with the light, and make the light work for you.

Over 100 years and still innovating.

ARRI lighting technology enables our customers to experience pure creativity, expressive power and elegant brilliance in every lighting detail.