Picture of an ARRI Viewfinder.


New Technology with the Legacy of 235 and ARRICAM

EVF-1 and EVF-2

These viewfinders were specifically designed to meet the needs of professional camera operators by offering an extremely fast image display, high image quality, accurate color reproduction, and a number of features inherited from our optical viewfinders, including surround view (overscan).

Fast Image Display

It is critical to the camera operator that the action in the viewfinder can be seen almost at the same time as the action in front of the camera. The extremely fast image display of the EVF-1 has been made possible through the creation of a proprietary high-speed connection between the view-finder and the camera as well as a shared image processing architecture that maximizes the processing power of both camera and viewfinder.

High Image Quality

A stable, accurate, and high-quality image is important for the camera operator. The EVF-2 image exhibits high resolution, high contrast, low distortion and an evenly illuminated viewing area. All this has been made possible through a state-of-the-art OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display with 1920x1080 pixel resolution, a high screen refresh rate, and an ARRI optical design that employs the highest quality coated glass optics. Reliable color reproduction at all temperatures is assured through the auto-calibrating, temperature-controlled ARRI LED light engine.

Ergonomic Design

The EVF-1 has not only been developed to provide the best possible image but is also specifically designed to fit the ergonomic needs of the operator. Even when using a matte box on a short prime lens, the compact dimensions of the finder guarantee that the eyepiece can be adjusted to a comfortable position for shoulder operation. The small, self-contained unit is easily mounted in different positions: on the side for handheld, or further back for use with a geared head.
Straightforward operation is assured through camera status visible in the viewfinder and a number of quick access buttons for often used functions such as zoom and exposure assist. The viewfinder’s settings, as well as basic camera settings, can be changed by the operator directly on the EVF-1/2.

Optical Viewfinder Features

Living up to their heritage, ALEXA and the EVF-1 have been designed to provide some features that previously have only been available through optical viewfinders. Most important for the operator is the fact that the camera’s sensor is slightly oversized to provide an extra area around the primary image in the viewfinder (surround view). This allows lighting stands, microphones, etc. to be spotted before ruining the shot. Additionally, the size of the image in the EVF-1 has been chosen to equal that of the image in the ARRIFLEX 235‘s optical viewfinder.


The EVF-2 has been developed to accompany the newest ALEXA camera generation, the ALEXA LF. While still maintaining its predecessor’s proven robustness, reliability, and ergonomics, the EVF-2 is equipped with a new display with full HD resolution and higher contrast, improving the operator's ability to judge focus, dynamic range, and color. We have taken the opportunity to also include a new glass eyepiece, based on the ARRICAM design, for a cleaner image, free of distortions and with greater freedom of movement for the operator through a wider exit pupil. And while we were at it, we implemented the latest color science for more accurate color rendition. This provides a better match to on-set monitors and allows for stable color balance at all display brightness settings. Both versions operate at an outside temperature from -20°C to +45°C (-4° F to +113° F).

AMIRA/ALEXA Mini Multi Viewfinder MVF-1

AMIRA and ALEXA Mini are equipped with a multi-viewfinder that makes life easy for single-operator users, combining a high-resolution OLED eyepiece with a fold-away LCD monitor. Together, these two viewing options allow operating and instant access to important camera controls. New peaking functions, with zebra and false color tools, facilitate accurate focus and exposure. Many functions can be made accessible via easy-access buttons on the viewfinder.

Eyepiece Viewfinder
The bright, high-resolution eyepiece offers the best possible color rendition and optical performance, making for a comfortable operating experience. Mounted to a strong, lightweight sliding bar, its position can be altered to suit any shooter in any situation, moving forward and back, as well as side to side. Vital camera information can be displayed in the viewfinder according to the needs of the individual.

Fold-Away LCD Display Monitor
The fold-away 3.2" monitor serves a number of purposes, displaying a live image for the camera operator when this is more convenient than using the eyepiece, or acting as a monitor for the director or other crew members while shooting. It also allows playback of recorded images and serves as the main camera interface, providing full access to camera status and menus.
Its ergonomic design allows that the display information and configurable user buttons can be used without the need to remove the camera from the operator's shoulder. With superb daylight visibility and an up-and-down tilt function, the monitor is useable under various shooting conditions.


ALEXA LF Mini introduces the 3rd version of an electronic viewfinder and the 2nd version of the multi viewfinder. With MVF-2, many features have been improved upon based on our experience with the previous models

The general functionality and layout are similar to MVF-1. MVF-2 has a new 4” rotatable flip-out IPS/LCD display for menu control or live image and a regular viewfinder eyepiece. The new flip-out display introduces a new user interface design that is reminiscent of older models in terms of functionality but offers more flexibility with the display.
New cables allow a length of up to 10 m/33 ft, enabling MVF-2 for camera remote control.

The actual viewfinder itself is inherited from EVF-2. We are using the same HDR capable high-definition OLED panel and ARRICAM eyepiece optics for a clearer image and a greater eye range of movement.