The ARRI Philosophy

Inspiring Images. Since 1917. 

For over 100 years, ARRI has been fashioning tools that expand creative possibilities for filmmakers and other content producers. Our founding fathers, August Arnold and Robert Richter, were filmmakers themselves and therefore strove to achieve the highest standard in camera and lighting equipment. They understood first-hand the importance of image quality, ease of use, and reliability, and their focus was grounded on facilitating inspiring images and enabling artistic visions. These principles remain vital to ARRI today, and our vision for the future continues to be driven by the needs of our customers. Being able to deliver the best user experience through innovative hardware products, customized Rental services, and integrated solutions is our greatest endeavor.

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ARRI Camera Systems and ARRI Lighting

The uniquely wide range of innovative, reliable, and integrated camera and lighting tools provided by ARRI and our wholly-owned subsidiary Claypaky reflects the company’s holistic approach. Every piece of equipment is engineered and assembled under the highest quality standards and subjected to extensive testing before it can leave our facilities. Our highly experienced team is committed to top-notch precision, which results in products that deliver many years of faithful service. 

ARRI Solutions

Combining ARRI’s unrivalled film industry expertise in camera and lighting systems with efficient, elevated workflows, and innovative studio design, ARRI Solutions offers a comprehensive service for studio owners, operators and content producers. Customers around the globe are empowered to embrace the full potential of on-set virtual and physical production, with the brand promise of ARRI excellence. 

ARRI Rental

ARRI is also dedicated to providing world-class services as well as round-the-clock support to our customers and partners worldwide. ARRI Rental is a global network of rental facilities offering state-of-the-art equipment, including exclusive products developed in-house. Working directly with industry professionals on a daily basis, ARRI Rental’s focus is on building relationships through personalized service and technologies. 

Engineered in Europe, at home all around the world—ARRI products, services, and solutions are synonymous with quality and performance.

The ARRI promise 

  • Top-quality innovative products that are durable, reliable, and long-lasting
  • Obligation to drive technology forward
  • Solutions and workflows that are customized, holistic, and state-of-the-art
  • Worldwide service and support network
  • Product guarantees, extended warranties, and software updates
  • Dedication to education and supporting industry talent
  • Focus on fostering a sustainable and ethical business

At ARRI, we believe that we have an obligation—to our employees, customers, communities, industries, and the environment—to operate our business sustainably and ethically. Besides ARRI’s commitment to meet future governmental regulations, with every innovative tool and with every worthwhile sponsorship and every new customer and employee, we also strive to initiate changes within the industry. Today and in the future, ARRI is committed to operating in a sustainable manner, and will continue to foster activities and innovations that have a positive social and environmental impact.

To learn more about ARRI’s sustainability goals, please click here.

The ARRI values


We innovate

As a global technology leader in the film, broadcast, and media industries, ARRI recognizes an obligation to drive technology forward. ARRI Solutions designs, engineers, builds and operates cutting-edge production environments, including  state-of-the-art studios for virtual production, broadcast, corporate and media applications. ARRI’s expertise along with a strong connection to third-party companies and specialized business partners, support the company’s efforts to deliver the most advanced products and services to the industry.

At ARRI we are dedicated to being open-minded, creative, and curious in order to offer customer-oriented and forward-thinking solutions. The world is constantly changing so our offerings need to adapt in order to best service the projects of the future.

Dr. Matthias Erb, Chairman of the ARRI Executive Board


We trust

ARRI has earned the industry’s trust through its dedication to creating the best possible products and providing world-class services and round-the-clock support to customers and partners worldwide. Only equipment that has endured extreme scrutiny and testing has earned the right to bear the ARRI logo. ARRI is committed to providing the finest technical support for its products at thirteen advanced service centers worldwide with exclusive-level lens service is available in Burbank, Munich, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

Our customers trust in the quality of ARRI products, services, and in our close partnerships. We trust in the professional and collegial bond that serves as the foundation for our work.

Jannie van Wyk, Senior Vice President, Customer Relationship Management ARRI Group and Head of ARRI UK


We are passionate

Our company’s mission is to turn creative vision into reality, and ARRI’s talented professionals, operating at seventeen locations across the globe, genuinely love what they do. The team’s enthusiasm for harnessing technology and providing a stellar customer experience has driven ARRI for many generations.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The German Film Academy, and several other organizations have recognized the efforts of ARRI engineers many times over. 

At ARRI, our enthusiasm for exceeding our customers' expectations inspires our actions; together we achieve top results. Our product development is customer-focused and we love to see how their art inspires and connects the world.

Christine Ajayi-Scheuring, Product Manager PCA Electronic Control System at ARRI


We care

ARRI fosters a collaborative working environment while offering employees diverse challenges and opportunities within an exciting industry. We care about our customers and their needs and challenges. ARRI has a long history of investing in the creative community and its future worldwide through a wide range of partnerships, sponsorships, and initiatives. Through the ARRI Academy, the company demonstrates its dedication to sharing knowledge and experience with new generations of filmmakers.

We believe in the diversity of voices and talents and their immense potential to bring visions to the screen. Encouraging and supporting them is important to ARRI.

Mandy Rahn, Senior Manager International Programs at ARRI


We listen

For over 100 years, ARRI has constantly been improving its portfolio of products and services in order to better serve the industry. Being close to the market and listening to customers honors ARRI’s heritage and remains essential today. This curiosity keeps the company agile and open to new ideas. ARRI’s intimate knowledge of on-set conditions have resulted in generations of tools that are robust, reliable, and simple to operate accompanied by innovative and integrated workflows and solutions. ARRI Rental’s service offerings expand on this commitment, crossing continents to bring customers first-class camera, lighting and grip equipment, wherever they are.

Engaging with and listening to our users is key to all aspects of development at ARRI, and it’s incredibly rewarding to hear a customer say 'that’s just what I’ve been looking for!'

Sean Dooley, Product Marketing Manager at ARRI