ARRI Company History

100 Years of ARRI

Industry insider, best-selling author, cinematographer, Jon Fauer ASC captures ARRI’s long and exciting history with insightful facts and personal anecdotes. Predominantly focusing on the cameras that made the company what is it today, Fauer paints a chronological picture of one of the most established names in the industry.

The Filmmaker's View

On the occasion of ARRI’s 100th anniversary, we wanted to hear from cinematographers, directors, lighting technicians, inventors, historians and users. We reached out, and we were overwhelmed by the response—hundreds of people from every continent and every side of the industry came forward to be interviewed on camera. They spoke about their passion for telling stories, their love of film, their enthusiasm for technology and their individual experiences with ARRI. From these interviews, film editors around the world have created around 300 short films.

ARRI's Interactive Timeline

To mark its 100th year, ARRI has been launching a commemorative online platform. Please join us to experience ARRI’s history through our Interactive Timeline. 

Moving Pictures

“Moving Pictures: Filmmakers and the Art of Cinematography” takes its audience on a rare journey of personal and inspiring stories that explore the art of the moving image from celebrated cinematographers like Roger Deakins, Vittorio Storaro, Rachel Morrison, Christopher Doyle, Rodrigo Prieto, Matthew Libatique, Mahmoud Kalari, and more. A compilation of intimate, insightful conversations with some of the greatest filmmakers of our time, this unique, feature-length documentary explores the artists behind the world’s cinematic treasures.