ALSM Stage

ARRI Lighting Service Manager

The ARRI Lighting Service Manager (ALSM) is an essential tool for updating, maintaining and servicing your ARRI LED light fixture. With the ALSM you can update firmware, download service logs from the fixture, change DMX and fan mode settings and much more.

Instruction for Updating your ARRI LED Fixture via ALSM

If using ALSM (ARRI Lighting Service Manager) to update your ARRI LED fixture, install the ALSM onto your Mac or PC. Then simply open the application and connect the fixture to the computer via Ethernet or USB cable. For the L-Series, connect your fixture to the computer via a USB-mini cable. The ALSM will automatically find your fixture once powered on and connected. Select the “Firmware Update” tab and then select the fixture you wish to update in the column on the left side of the screen. Click “Update Firmware” to begin the update. Do not disconnect your fixture from the power source or from the computer until the update is complete.

If you have problems with your fixture or the update, please contact ARRI service at