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Classic SkyPanel

Soft Lighting | Redefined

What's the Classic SkyPanel?

  • The Classic SkyPanel is a high-quality LED light that sets a new industry standard.
  • Its form, color, beam field, and output are all designed with the customer in mind, making it an exceptionally versatile light.
  • It comes in four sizes, from S30 to S360, accommodating different application areas.

Native softlight & outstanding luminous efficiency

The ARRI Classic SkyPanel delivers excellent soft light performance with wide-angle LEDs, internal reflectors, and diffusion panels. Moreover, optimized LED driving and heat management systems result in a better lumens-per-watt ratio for impressive results. Exclusive selection of premium LEDs make the Classic SkyPanel one of the best LED panel lights available.

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Industry-changing features

The ARRI Classic SkyPanel offers unique features and advanced technology such as lighting effects, XY mode, high-speed mode, host/client mode, multiple dimming curves, Ethernet connectivity, and more. These features have become “standard” after being introduced on the SkyPanel.

SkyPanel accessories for every application

Use and adapt SkyPanel according to your needs - with SkyBenders, Eggcrates, FlexDoors & many more.

SkyPanel - beyond lighting

With eight years of experience serving the industry, the SkyPanel has proven itself to provide a great return on investment.

SkyPanel on set

The ARRI SkyPanel is an indispensable tool for filmmakers and lighting technicians. It provides amazing soft lighting, with adjustable brightness and color temperatures, making it ideal for various applications.

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