Camera Companion App

The new, user-configurable control interface

More efficiency on set

The ARRI Camera Companion App offers remote control of one or multiple cameras, with a focus on functions that are most frequently needed during production. It is implemented using the lightweight CAP protocol, which provides a more agile and direct experience compared to the WebUI used by the Web Remote.

Easy remote camera control

Supported cameras and devices

The Camera Companion App provides user-configurable remote control of ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA Mini, and AMIRA cameras. Supported devices are the Apple iPhone and iPad (padOS > 15.0), M1 and M2 Macs (macOS > 12.0 "Monterey"), and even the Apple Watch. If you don't have a camera to hand, you can still explore the app and build your own customized interfaces in a 'mock camera' mode.

Camera control

Nearly all camera functions can be controlled via the app, including recording options, playback, frame rate, ND filters, and white balance. Adjusting these parameters has never been so simple or intuitive - and you can do it without even having to touch the camera. 

User buttons

Allowing rapid access to the most called-for camera functions, user buttons and user button groups (SDI-1, SDI-2, and MVF) can be personalized to suit your individual requirements.

Modular, customizable layouts
Frame grabs

Trigger frame grabs at any time and view them in an easy-to-navigate gallery. Saved automatically to the Files app on the controlling iOS device, frame grabs can be shared to other applications, to other devices, to Instagram, or to anyone, anywhere.

Control multiple cameras...

Any number of cameras can be controlled simultaneously from the app. And since multi-camera shoots aren't all the same, the app offers different methods for navigating between cameras. With an iPhone, one way is view the A-camera in portrait mode, and the B-camera in landscape mode.

Control_Multi_iPad_mobile_image multiple ways

With an iPad or Mac, there are other ways to view and control multiple cameras. Larger or longer-running productions may choose to build a set network, allowing live data from all cameras to be displayed and adjusted at the same time.

Overview of all functions

  • Start/stop recording, lockable REC button
  • Trigger pre-recording
  • Start, pause, and stop playback menu; access to clip list and clip metadata
  • Set FPS, white balance/AWB, and shutter speed; add individual values to camera menu
  • Set EI, ND filter, mirror image
  • Access to classic WebUI interface
  • Trigger frame grab and save to device
  • Monitor timecode, media, last clip
  • Set recording codec, recording resolution, look, texture, frame line, and LDA files
  • Manage power input priority and warning capacities/voltages
  • Monitor and control focus, iris, and zoom values 
  • Load user setups
  • Monitor and modify production metadata (scene/take and others)
  • Set and trigger local user buttons and camera user buttons

Network connectivity

Smaller productions, owner operators, or specialists such as drone companies may opt for a direct network where the cameras act as network hosts. Many other productions, however, will want to establish a set network where all the cameras being used on set are connected wirelessly to a router and act as network clients. In this type of interconnected multi-camera environment, the Camera Companion App is an indispensable and time-saving tool.

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Sign up for the beta version

ARRI is asking for volunteers to test a beta version of the Camera Companion App. If you would like to take part, then fill in the form below to receive a download link via e-mail. And please - share your experiences, feedback, and suggestions with us!