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ROI with ARRI equipment

When deciding whether to invest in camera and lighting equipment or even studio space and setup, there are several factors to consider. For organizations, the cost of a professional studio setup can be significant and requires a long-term commitment. However, the savings from having an in-house studio can be considerable both in terms of time and money. Outsourcing video or photo production is often expensive, particularly when orders grow in size or frequency. Additionally, working with an external production house can involve time-consuming negotiations and limited options for creative control.

Invest in your creative future

Increase your organization’s return on investment through ARRI's reliable and durable equipment options. Our products are known for their longevity, top quality and dependability, including exceptional service and warranty options. Keep your ARRI gear up-to-date with regular software updates and ensure a future-proof investment. 

Invest in your creative future products overview

Budget-friendly production workflows

Discover production workflows tailored to your budget with ARRI's versatile range of quality products. We understand the importance of balancing cost and performance and strive to provide setups that cater to various financial constraints without compromising on quality. ARRI provides exceptional equipment and workflows without exhausting your corporate budget.

Your advantages with ARRI

Unmatched professional quality

ARRI's studio equipment, widely trusted by the motion picture industry from Hollywood to Bollywood, delivers outstanding results and in-house studio ease for your content. Our products and solutions are made in Germany and engineered with a commitment to excellence. For ARRI, quality and reliability are key when planning your organization's tailormade equipment and studio solutions.

A BTS of a production setup in which the innovative Stellar app is used to control the surrounded lighting via tablet only.

Streamlined workflow

ARRI equipment not only optimizes your workflows but is also designed to work cohesively within a single system. Our products are engineered for exceptional performance across a variety of applications. With ARRI's advanced technology, expertise, and seamless integration, professional productions and studios all over the world achieve their full potential while maintaining a streamlined process.


Tailored equipment setups

At ARRI, we recognize that every production has unique requirements and budgets. Our customized solutions are designed to cater to specific needs, ensuring that each project is equipped with precisely what it requires without overspending.


Seamless integration

An ARRI single source approach offers consistency across all product categories, saving time and effort while providing top-quality equipment and tailormade studio setups. Our curated camera, lens, and lighting portfolio is designed for optimal performance, ease of use, and third-party compatibility. However, on set, nothing will unlock more features and ensure greater peace of mind than keeping everything ARRI.

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Maintain cutting-edge equipment with ARRI's software updates and improvements

We constantly keep our products up-to-date with new software releases. Our portfolio is continuously evolving.

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