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Best suited for a wide range of applications

Designed to be robust and ergonomic, L-Series Plus fixtures live up to the quality and reliability standards for which ARRI is known. Their build quality and flexibility make them suitable for a wide range of use cases, from continuous studio lighting and location work on movies and television to live entertainment, photography, theater, and corporate productions.

Life is colorful

Achieve the best results for different skin tones, camera sensors, and mixed light environments. Specific color shades can be matched through full-gamut color mixing within the LED Fresnel itself.

Future-proof studios and workflows

Outfit state-of-the-art studios with fully tuneable ARRI L-Series Plus fixtures for optimal lighting in broadcast and studio use. The LED Fresnels provide continuous lighting with no change in color temperature when dimmed. 
With true Fresnel characteristics, these fixtures allow for precise and sympathetic lighting of presenters without any spill light on the media wall.

Low noise

L-Series Plus Fresnels burn cold; this lack of forward heat significantly reduces studio air conditioning costs and allows for a much cooler work environment. A combination of passively cooled housing and a discreet encapsulated fan guarantee most silent operation even the most critical environments.


Pole operation

Easily adjust pan, tilt, and focus with pole operation. Perfect for flexible and continuous manual lighting workflows. The optional pole operation allows for quick and precise adjustments without the hassle of ladders or lifts.


Data connectivity

For broadcast studios or larger productions, remote fixture control is of paramount importance. All functions of the L-Series Plus fixtures are controllable through DMX (via optional adapter), Streaming ACN, ArtNet, and are also RDM compatible.

Moving pictures

Whether it’s a Hollywood blockbuster, an independent film, or a fast-moving television documentary, the L-Series delivers the speed, flexibility, and cost efficiency needed for today’s hectic productions.

L-Series Plus LED Fresnels offers great advantages to productions needing to light on the move—whether it's the output of an L7-C Plus for a perfect keylight, or the compact portability of an L5-C Plus.

Live entertainment

The L-Series Plus is the ultimate choice for LED stage lighting in the theater and live entertainment industry.
Its RGBW light engine offers superior white light and a wide range of vibrant colors, making it a standout option among its competitors. With its powerful output, it provides brighter and more efficient continuous lighting for live productions and TV shows.   The exceptional Fresnel field quality produces clear, circular light that can be easily modified using barndoors. With its compact design and affordable price, the L-Series Plus is a must-have either mounted or on the go.

Long-term energy savings

With the advanced features of the L-Series Plus fixtures, you can save on energy costs without compromizing on top-quality lighting. The long-lasting LED light engine ensures minimal maintenance and power distribution, resulting in a quick return on investment. And with its low power draw and built-in dimming, the L-Series Plus is perfect for on-location shoots, eliminating the need for large generators. Whether you're shooting moving pictures or live entertainment, the L-Series Plus is the ideal choice for countless applications. 

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