Caster Stage


Soft, Portable, Tuneable White Light

Soft, Portable, Tuneable White Light

The LED-based ARRI Caster Series of products consists of the LoCaster 2 Plus and BroadCaster 2 Plus. The Caster products are a compact and portable LED soft light that utilizes an advanced optical design and an LED arrangement which provides an efficient solution for LED lighting at an attractive price level.

With color temperature settings adjustable from 2,800 K to 6,500 K and a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of over 94, the ARRI Caster LED fixtures adapt easily to an existing lighting installation or to the variable conditions of a location shoot. Colors appear more vivid and lifelike on digital and film media compared to other fixtures that use single color white or RGB LED configurations.

Caster products also makes use of ARRI LED Technology, guaranteeing natural light characteristics, single shadow rendering, consistent light output and absolute color stability.

The Caster Series has been introduced in 2009 and been widely applied in broadcast studios and film locations. The Caster Series and related kits, accessories have been discontinued by end of 2019.