K2.0015665 cmotion broadcast camin on set (1)

Broadcast camin

Broadcast solution for multi camera live events

broadcast camin
Cine equipment for the broadcast workflow

Intelligent interface designed to control focus, iris and zoom on any cine style lens in any broadcast workflow.


Best overall production value

  • Motor controller for focus, iris and zoom
  • Useful for controlling iris from a remote control (such as Sony RCP and DTS) panel in an AMIRA multicam setup through the 12 pin Hirose lens interface
  • Compatible with cforce mini or CLM lens motors
  • Can interact with both Canon and Fujinon controllers
  • VTR/RET function through broadcast demands (Canon/Fujinon)

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Broadcast camin FAQ

  • The iris motor can be controlled using a knob solo cabled directly to either an ENG-adapter or a broadcast camin. Alternatively, the knob solo can be used in an OB truck or control room through common fiber solutions. The broadcast camin has a built-in potentiometer for iris control / adjustment plus a lens limit function. The EXT interface allows the iris to be controlled automatically or remotely through a Hirose 12pin interface on a camera or accessory.