Digital Twin SkyPanel yoke

Digital Twins

Real-world benefits from virtual assets

Virtual ARRI camera and lighting fixtures bring significant benefits to all types of film production, from classic studio setups to virtual production applications. Enhance efficiency and accuracy throughout the entire production chain from pre to post.

Boost efficiency throughout the production workflow

Streamline your preproduction: Plan the perfect setup in the virtual world with access to ARRI fixtures. Create accurate previz, techviz, and digital scouting, using our 3D models for planning the technical setup.

Efficiency on set: Configure physical devices quickly and automatically, copying settings directly from the digital products, reducing workload dramatically.

Synchronization: During shooting, the digital twins link the real-world and virtual camera and lighting systems, perfect for live collaboration and capturing the configuration for post.

Accelerate processes in post: Benefit from physically accurate models combined with precise metadata from set, speeding up procedures. Automatically recreate lighting and camera setups without extra manual work.

Key features

Our digital twin environment
•    ARRI Lighting fixtures (DMX controllable)
•    Virtual camera model
•    Physically accurate behavior
•    Live sync between physical devices and virtual models

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