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"Mosaic Portrait" ("Ma sai ke shao nü")

a film by Zhai Yixiang

14-year-old Jing’s troubling escapism also reflects the wretched fact that she has suddenly found herself pregnant. When she makes a surprising revelation as to the identity of the unborn child’s father, the quest for justice begins. Jia, a journalist from Shenzhen, shows interest in the case as he scrutinizes the misty town. When he gets lost in trailing into the rebellious girl’s real life, he lingers around, waiting for the shocking truth to be revealed only after childbirth...

Director: Zhai Yixiang

Zhai Yixiang is a Chinese director and screenwriter living in Beijing. He graduated from the Academy of Arts at Southwest University in China. His debut feature film "This Worldly Life" (2014) was selected as one of the official finalists in the 11th Chinese Independent Film Festival, and awarded Best Artist Contribution in the 9th FIRST International Film Festival, as well as K26 Best Feature Film in the 15th Filmfest Hamburg. His second feature "Mosaic Portrait" (2018) won several significant funds before completion, including the Grand Prize in the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion and the White Light Post-Production Award in the WIP Lab of Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum.


Cinematographer: Wang Weihua

In 2013, Wang Weihua was firstly working as a director of photography for a comedy short. 3 years later a series of nominations and wins got started. Best Cinematography Award for "Knife in the Clear Water" by Geng Jun at the Hawaii Film Festival in 2016, nominated for Best Cinematography for the crime comedy film "Relax + Pleasure" at the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan in 2017, honored as the "Emerging Cinematographer of the Year" at the Chinese Video Forum in 2018 for the feature film "Alajang Se" by Sonthar Gyal, and his cinematographic work on ‘’Mosaic Portrait’’ made him won the Best Art Exploration at the FIRST International Film Festival in 2019.


Production Notes

  • Produced by: BLACKFIN Production
  • In co-production with: Rediance
  • Shooting locations: Guizhou province, China
  • Camera: ALEXA XT
  • Lenses: Master Anamorphic
  • LightingSkyPanel, M-Series
  • Camera, lighting & grip equipment serviced by: KO Films, China
  • World premiere: Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Main Competition, 2019

Official Trailer "Mosaic Portrait"

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