Hi-5 SX the single-axis hand unit that grows with you

Introducing the Hi‑5 SX, the perfect entry point into the Hi‑5 Ecosystem and the most comprehensive single-axis hand unit on the market. 

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SkyPanel X – available now

Engineered for resilience and IP66 certified, it offers native soft and hard light technology.

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ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System

ARRI introduces the new ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System, making the cinematic image quality of its flagship ALEXA 35 camera available to the world of live productions, including concerts, sports, esports, fashion, corporate, talk shows, game shows, houses of worship, and more.

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ARRI Certified Pre-Owned

Working with ARRI’s award-winning products is a goal for many filmmakers, photographers, and broadcasters. The ARRI Certified Pre‑Owned program gives you a cost-effective and affordable way to achieve that goal—and for less than you might think. All the products we offer in this program will help you capture beautiful, top-class images, with the reliability you expect from ARRI. 

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Aug. 19 2024
Aug. 22 2024

Set Expo

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Aug. 28 2024
Sep. 07 2024

Venice Film Festival

Venice, Italy
Sep. 01 2024
Sep. 03 2024

Plasa Show

London, Great Britain