ARRI Camera Showreel 2019
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ARRI Behind the Scenes of “The Wandering Earth”

China’s second highest-grossing release in history and the third biggest global release of 2019 was shot and lit with ARRI equipment and is now available on Netflix.

Catch a glimpse behind the scenes with DP Yin Liu …

ARRI Camera Showreel 2019

The ARRI Camera Showreel 2019 highlights some of the finest images to be captured on ALEXA, ALEXA 65, AMIRA, and ALEXA Mini over the past year.

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Large format, small camera - we are excited to announce the new ARRI ALEXA Mini LF!

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New Quick Lock Upgrade for TRINITY & MAXIMA

Check out the new Quick Lock Upgrade for TRINITY and MAXIMA: The Quick Lock mounting platform has an improved clamping mechanism for the camera dovetail plates. It also offers a redesigned adjustment mechanism for the side-to-side adjustment with a new lock lever. #arritrinity #arrimaxima


IMAGO award winner Adolpho Veloso chooses AMIRA for “On Yoga”

In “On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace,” Brazilian cinematographer Adolpho Veloso follows still-photographer Michael O’Neill on a trip through today’s world of yoga. In this interview, he shares his experience of working on this visually impressive documentary, shot with the ARRI AMIRA camera.


ARRI’s CPO Program put to the test on “Psychosynthesis”

ARRI Approved Certified Pre-Owned Program has been field-tested and is getting rave reviews. Director Noam Kroll shares his experiences.

TRINITY and ARRI Signature Prime lenses on “Exit to Stage" (1)

TRINITY and ARRI Signature Prime lenses on “Exit to Stage"

“The TRINITY shooting package was essential to the concept of our film, allowing us to move with our lead character as she deteriorates, from high stance to low crawl, in a single shot that would never have been possible otherwise,” mentions co-director Emily Carlton whose team worked with camera stabilizer TRINITY and ARRI Signature Prime lenses on her film “Exit to Stage.” 

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ARRI cameras recorded Europe's biggest benefit concert

Lena Meyer-Landrut, Silbermond, Gentleman, and Fettes Brot were just a few of the many stars who performed live at the #pxpfestival in Berlin. Europe’s biggest benefit concert for children was recorded with eight ARRI cameras, including six AMIRA and two ALEXA Mini.

 “Rock ‘n’ Roll Robot” was shot with the ALEXA

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Robot” was shot with the ALEXA

The Italian feature “Rock ‘n’ Roll Robot” was shot with the ALEXA Mini camera, Ultra Primes lenses, and lighting equipment from ARRI. In an interview DP Federico Annicchiarico AIC-Imago and his team talk about the filming. 

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