Effortlessly controlling the lighting setup at a broadcast studio using ARRI LightNet software.

ARRI LightNet

Seamless workflow integration for studio lighting systems

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A new approach for monitoring lighting systems

ARRI LightNet is a unique software platform that offers smart, logical, at-a-glance centralized monitoring, fault-finding and management for studio lighting networks.  

An image of the ARRI LightNet software login interface, highlighting the preferred choice for lighting network management.
Why choose ARRI LightNet?
  • Holistic device monitoring for lighting networks (cross-manufacturer, cross-device)
  • Clear and logical status information overview via dedicated front-end interface or a broadcast facility’s central monitoring system
  • Central/decentral system architecture ensures full flexibility with resource-saving front end and high-performance back end 
  • Accessible everywhere

Monitoring at a glance

This trailblazing product observes and shows all elements across a studio lighting network—luminaires, consoles, network switches, splitters, nodes, etc.—displaying all the relevant data in real-time on a single interface. This allows for users and technicians to work harmoniously in parallel while accessing and managing different aspects of the network.

A detailed graphic showcasing the detailed information of ARRI Lightnet workflows at a glance.
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Discover Simplicity

Discover ARRI LightNet and innovative lighting network software solutions. Find out more about the studio lighting software!

A powerful and visually intuitive tool

New and groundbreaking in the world of broadcast and installation technology, ARRI LightNet has been developed as a powerful, visually intuitive, and flexible tool to assist the smooth and efficient operation of contemporary studio facilities with both IP-based and DMX-controlled lighting systems.

Easy Set-up and Operation

  • Features include a very straightforward setup with a coherent, easy-to-understand dashboard to help maintain the status, security, and stability of lighting systems.
  • All devices on the network are auto-detected, saving time and hassle.

Attractive Graphical Interface

  • Accessibility is integral to the system architecture design. ARRI LightNet is an essential resource that can be operated and understood by those who are not necessarily lighting specialists.
  • Additional front-end features include the attractive graphical interface with a clear and accurate overview of all status monitoring data, plus the quick and easy identification, location, and rectification of faults or glitches. 

Keep the overview

  • The interface can be questioned to reveal any and all useful information needed for a day-to-day operation like the IP and DMX addressing of fixtures or the modes in which they are set, etc., and devices can be grouped by the rooms to structure them as per individual need. 
Easy Setup
Intuitive Interface
Great Overview
A greenscreen newsroom seamlessly integrated with ARRI LightNet software.
Seamless Integration

ARRI LightNet’s compatibility with other manufacturers’ hardware and established lighting protocols means it can be retrofitted into existing facility systems, as well as specified for new installations 

Accessible anywhere

The central/decentralized server infrastructure at the product’s core offers separate front and back ends for total flexibility. The central back end offers full redundancy and can run on any performance machine, including virtual servers, which can be located anywhere. Likewise, the front end is accessed by a range of readily available devices including laptops and tablets. 


Central monitoring integration

ARRI LightNet can also be integrated into external central monitoring systems such as Zabbix or Prometheus via an external API (application programming interface) which hands over all the collected lighting network data. Seamless workflow integration between systems is therefore practical and achievable.

Maximising efficiency

Discover ARRI LightNet and innovative lighting network software solutions. Find out more about the studio lighting software!

Widely adaptable for all environments

The user interface can be run simultaneously on various client devices, which can be located locally in the studio or production gallery, or much further away, even out of the studio complex via VPN. This dual local/remote access maximizes technicians’ efficiency – perfect for busy studio environments where time and technology are critical. 

Fast, Accurate, Stable

This intelligent and innovative tool enables broadcast facilities to streamline the management of their lighting network in one robust platform. As remote and decentralized working become more popular, ARRI LightNet leads the way for essential, comprehensive, user-friendly monitoring of lighting networks and will be offered with all ARRI Solutions tenders and projects.




Norman Tettenborn

Project Manager and Principal at Qvest

In the new studios at the Axel Springer Campus in Berlin, we have consistently aligned the holistic workflow for audio, video, and lighting to IP. ARRI LightNet is a central component. At Qvest, we had the overall responsibility for the broadcast infrastructure of this project, and, in close coordination with the team from WELT and N24, the opportunity arose for us to implement a seamless integration of the entire lighting system in this IP infrastructure. With the workflow, the customer always receives a status overview of every component in the lighting system, which ensures greater efficiency while at the same time increasing security standards. The implementation of ARRI LightNet has absolutely convinced our customers and us with this project, and therefore, it can, in my view, be regarded as state-of-the-art for similar requirements in the broadcasting sector.

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