Extended Warranty

Registered equipment ensures peace of mind

ARRI’s extended warranty packages for cameras offer a fixed cost of ownership, minimized downtime and a level of service that goes beyond the standard.


  • Fixed cost of ownership
  • No unexpected repair bills
  • All parts and labor covered
  • Priority repairs
  • Available at point of sale, or after delivery
  • Highly economical annual cost

The build quality and workmanship that go into every ARRI camera result in a very high level of reliability – quite simply, repairs are not often necessary. By passing on the savings from the resulting lower maintenance costs, we’re able to offer our customers extended warranties at very reasonable prices.

Nonetheless, the rigors of life on set can pose serious challenges to even the finest equipment. ARRI cameras can be subjected to demanding and sometimes unexpected conditions, meaning they may need repairs and maintenance from time to time. Extended Warranty brings with it a fixed price, predictability - and peace of mind.

If things should go wrong, you can be sure that your downtime will be reduced to an absolute minimum. There’ll be no time lost waiting for purchase orders, no payments for out-of-warranty repairs, and cameras covered under the plan go into a priority repair queue.

Extended warranties cover all parts and labor required due to defects in materials or workmanship that prevent the camera, any installed options, and the EVF from operating within factory specifications.

Purchase a one-year extended warranty along with your camera, or later through any official ARRI point of sale – subsidiaries, distributors, or resellers*.

Register your ALEXA 35 here within one month of purchase and get a free 12 months extended warranty.

* Except subsidiaries, distributors, or resellers located in the EU

General Terms and Conditions for an Extension of Warranty