Behind the scenes shot of a movie scene filmed on ARRI's virtual production stage using the full toolkit and software.

Virtual Production Tools

Retain creative control in digitized production environments

Delivering precision and quality in virtual production

ARRI’s deep knowledge of camera and lighting integration in virtual production, metadata, and highest-quality color management forms the foundation for an intuitive set of virtual production tools.

By streamlining on-set processes within LED production environments, stage operators, and creative teams get the best out of this technology, producing best-in-class results in virtual production environments of all sizes.  

A glance into the camera's viewpoirt while using one of the virtual production tools to visualize the foreground of a shot.

Tools that speak the filmmaker's language

Enabling a seamless, fully immersive production experience

ARRI Live Link Metadata Plug-in for Unreal  

ARRI’s Live Link Metadata Plug-in streams lens and relevant camera metadata to the Unreal Engine virtual camera, which deliver the virtual background to an LED wall. The metadata enables the nodes to mimic the camera’s activity precisely, and combined with position information, the background can be rendered correctly, accurately, and in real-time.  

Take a deep dive into the ARRI Live Link Metadata Plug-in with our Tech Talk .

More about ARRI’s Live Link Metadata

Consistency and creative control with ARRI Color Management for Virtual Production

Take advantage of ARRI’s industry-leading color science for highly accurate image reproduction in LED volumes.

Predicting a virtual environment’s color in preproduction and accurately reproducing the look on set is vital when working inside an LED volume. Any inaccuracy during a shoot can be costly to fix in postproduction. 

With our deep knowledge of ARRI camera sensor data and RGB pipeline, we have streamlined the calibration process for color workflows in LED volumes, drastically reducing time and complexity.

It allows artists to predict colors accurately during preproduction and returns the creative control over the camera settings back to the DP.

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