Collage of different scenarios in which customized studio setups curated by ARRI's corporate markets were used.

Corporate Markets

Advanced in-house content production with ARRI’s customized studio solutions

ARRI quality for your corporate production

Unleash your creativity with ARRI's studio setups, designed to elevate content production with professional-grade equipment and efficient, integrated workflows. We provide customized setups, featuring state-of-the-art lighting, cameras, lenses, and more to ensure outstanding results. ARRI's expert consultancy is your key to effective studio design and custom-built solutions that fulfill your unique production requirements. 

Examples of ARRI’s corporate market segments


ARRI’s state-of-the-art camera and lighting solutions provide the automotive industry with unparalleled opportunities to showcase vehicles, highlighting every feature and surface with ARRI's outstanding imaging technology. In the highly competitive automotive industry, ARRI is the ideal partner to deliver cinematic images that drive customer engagement and brand loyalty.


Cosmetics & Beauty

ARRI's renowned imaging technology highlights the nuances and attributes of makeup, skincare, and fragrance, ensuring that every shade and shimmer is depicted with utmost accuracy. With state-of-the-art camera and lighting solutions, ARRI is a true specialist for the cosmetics and beauty industry seeking to create compelling and authentic visual narratives that resonate with consumers.



ARRI's unparalleled imaging technology showcases clothing, footwear, and accessories with extreme clarity and precision. Highly-advanced camera and lighting solutions provide the fashion industry with the ability to capture fine details and bring every fabric and texture to life. ARRI is a trusted partner when it comes to creating cinematic experiences that highly resonate with the fast-paced fashion industry.


Food & Beverage

In the world of culinary visuals, authenticity is key. Capturing a dish's vibrancy and composition is crucial. ARRI's imaging technology excels in delivering breathtaking visual representations for the food and beverage industry. By utilizing top-of-the-line camera and lighting equipment, brands can present their culinary products with perfect images that appeal to both the eyes and the palate.


Houses of Worship

ARRI's imaging technology solutions redefine how houses of worship capture spiritual and sacred moments. Offering the latest camera and lighting innovations, ARRI empowers visually captivating storytelling. As a trusted partner, ARRI can help to enhance the spiritual connection between communities and their beliefs, ensuring that every moment resonates with profound emotion and clarity.



Are you trying to develop breathtaking visuals of your hospitality spaces and destinations? With top-notch camera and lighting solutions, ARRI enables the hospitality industry to showcase unique offerings, including room details, resort vistas, or local tourist highlights. Using ARRI equipment, you will be able to create immersive visual narratives that evoke wanderlust and provide guests with exceptional cinematic experiences.


Tech Companies

Want to showcase groundbreaking innovations with unmatched imaging precision? With ARRI’s industry-leading camera and lighting equipment, tech companies can showcase original products with unmatched visual experiences. As the go-to partner in tech's fast-evolving landscape, ARRI creates captivating visual presentations that engage investors, consumers, and industry peers alike.

Studio image tech companies

Best image quality

Discover ARRI's unparalleled image quality that delivers stunning visuals to your projects. Utilize our cutting-edge cameras and lenses, backed by ARRI expertise, for breathtaking results that captivate audiences and elevate your content to new heights.

overall best image quality

Authentic skin tones & brand colors

Trust in ARRI's exceptional film and lighting capabilities, meticulously crafted to reproduce lifelike skin tones and accurately depict the entire spectrum of color. Boost your content production with our advanced technology to create striking visuals that resonate with audiences.


Intuitive studio tools and workflows

Maximize your creativity and broadcast live to the world with total control, thanks to ARRI's Camera Companion and lighting apps like Stellar or ARRI LiCo. Automated, integrated workflows make studio operations quick and easy, giving you more time to focus on your message.


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