BTS shot of Coldplay's special event, filmed on a virtual production studio to create a supportive and captivating ambiance.

Virtual Production

Innovative and immersive production environments

The ultimate creative environment

ARRI is here to help studio owners, operators, and content producers embrace the full potential of virtual production, just as we were with the advent of digital camera systems and LED lighting.  

ARRI Solutions elevates virtual production through innovative and effective studio design, engineering, build, and operation. Dynamic camera and lighting systems are more interactive, workflows are more efficient, making budgets and resources go further. 

Custom-designed LED volumes

Let us build your virtual production environment, with the promise of end-to-end ARRI quality

A look into the camera's viewpoirt while fimling a car scene in front of a desert background in a virtual production studio.
Production-specific stages

Build what you need, when you need with our mobile virtual production solutions