Virtual Production

Innovative and immersive production environments

The ultimate creative environment

ARRI is here to help studio owners, operators, and content producers embrace the full potential of virtual production, just as we were with the advent of digital camera systems and LED lighting.  

ARRI Solutions elevates virtual production through innovative and effective studio design, engineering, build, and operation. Dynamic camera and lighting systems are more interactive, workflows are more efficient, making budgets and resources go further. 

A cinematic approach that pushes creative boundaries

ARRI’s heritage in filmmaking excellence ensures lighting and camera integration in an LED volume delivers the authentic, high image quality that DPs expect.

High contrast lighting design and professional LED lighting fixtures create more depth for a fully immersive experience.

Innovative, efficient studio design supports sustainable production.

Close collaboration with technical partners across gaming, live events, and VFX creates seamless virtual production workflows.

At the forefront of virtual production

By developing ARRI’s own virtual production studios, ARRI Solutions provides customers with expert project consultancy, based on real-world technical, operational, and financial insights. 

ARRI Solutions Labs: Precision and performance

Located across ARRI’s international offices, ARRI Solutions Labs provide high-quality facilities for research, testing, and training for the latest virtual production innovations.

Combining flexible and effective studio design with elevated workflows, the Labs ensure ARRI continues to offer innovative products and solutions for the fast-developing virtual production market. 

A global network for innovation

Burbank, LA

This compact virtual production studio offers education, inspiration, and collaboration with creative professionals. Developed in partnership with Epic Games and Fuse, the 256 m² facility supports pre-production testing for directors, cinematographers, and VFX supervisors wanting a scalable approach for their specific requirements for virtual production projects.  

ARRIAL, Munich

Designed as a development and testing hub, the lab at ARRI’s headquarters in Germany enables ARRI’s technical experts to collaborate with clients on solutions that deliver the most authentic image quality in virtual production environments. 

Vienna, Austria

A dedicated environment for precise testing and measurement of advanced virtual production workflows.

Inspiring creativity


Sarah Thomas Moffat, DP

"As a test shoot, I rode my motorcycle into the stage at Burbank, lighting from the floor and utilizing Unreal Engine 5 Matrix City. It was an exceptional experience; not only does my footage look believable, but I also gained so much knowledge.”


Charlie Lieberman, ASC

“The shots we captured in front of the LED wall are completely believable as ‘live’. We were able to adjust the contrast, color, brightness, and black levels of the screen content, in-camera, to match what was going on in the car, using calibrated monitors. That’s always been the problem with lighting for bluescreen and greenscreen — you never see the results until much later.” 

2022-10-24 16_15_31-Virtual Production Solutions_ARRI Environments Draft Copy.docx

Craig Kief, ASC

“LED volumes are complex machines that present a different set of challenges and opportunities than when shooting on a traditional set or greenscreen. This technology is already great, but it’s still very emerging, and its potential is incredible. Facilities like ARRI’s provide a great resource for us to test, adjust, and refine our approaches to lighting and cameras in these cutting-edge environments.” 

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