After a fruitful collaboration, Singapore’s City Harvest Church became the first in the Asia Pacific region to adopt the AMIRA Live System. With six units installed, their live broadcasts now enjoy an enhanced overall image quality. City Harvest Church's Melvin Lee explains how this collaboration came to life:

"We were looking to upgrade our existing setup to something that suits the needs of City Harvest Church. We wanted to achieve a cinematic look using our existing HFO system. When we first saw the system on ARRI's website, it looked promising—we wanted to test its capabilities. Having a Super35 sensor on a broadcast fibre back has changed the way we do productions. The benefits of the system are many, like the high dynamic range, the sensitivity to lights and the overall look of the image, all of which have given us a huge boost in image quality.

ARRI was integral to the success of our new set-up, from the conceptualisation of the project, to the execution and the finalisation of the project. From arranging for demos, to helping us come up with creative solutions to solve issues we encountered at points during the process, ARRI was most helpful and always available to us."


Performers: Valerie Valencia Wibowo, Shibah Grace James, Michaela May Laciapag Bondad, Jordan Abraham, Ephraim Juribu Lepcha

Violinist: Jeri Goh Donald A. Koch, Andrew Shawn Craig

Chinese Translation: 褚治軒, 鄭淯心, 周巽光 © 1991 Universal Music Group