Mar. 26, 2024

ARRI’s live entertainment technology “enables a new kind of storytelling” for the NFL and DFL at SportsInnovation

ARRI’s camera and stabilizer portfolio provides the sports tech industry with top tools, trusted expertise, and efficient workflows that deliver truly cinematic images and allow for easy integration with third-party technology

Mar. 26, 2024

From March 20-21, 2024, the biggest and brightest names in international sports and media technology gathered for SportsInnovation at the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Duesseldorf. At this one-of-a-kind, invitation-only event, ARRI presented its impressive technology ecosystem of camera, lighting, and stabilizer equipment that can elevate live entertainment and sports broadcast environments to new heights.


ARRI’s AMIRA camera is no stranger to live sports broadcasting

Hosted by the DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga and in partnership with the National Football League (NFL), SportsInnovation 2024 offered exhibitors a unique platform to present their innovations and technologies through live games, showcases, panel discussions, exhibitions, and much more. The main attractions of the two-day event were the Innovation Games which featured one American football game and three soccer matches right on the field at the Merkur Spiel-Arena. During these live competitions, the latest breakthroughs in sports technology from the industry’s top players were hard at work capturing, illuminating, and transmitting live production images that showcased their latest technology. The captured footage was broadcasted to the highest Bundesliga standard, comparable to an UEFA Champions League format with a setup that included more than 25 cameras in UHD/HDR quality.


ARRI partnered with Fujinon whose newest Box lenses were heavily used over the two-day event

ARRI was new to the roster of selected exhibitors at SportsInnovation this year and presented a bespoke lineup of tools and workflows that are helping to shape the future of spectator sports. During the event’s Innovation Games, ARRI showcased its Multicam and Camera Stabilizer Systems through live game demonstrations in partnership with the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) and the National Football League (NFL). These real-life applications, featuring live soccer and American football matches, endorsed the benefits of using ARRI technology for live sports entertainment and presented various broadcast solutions that professionals can use today.


ARRI camera technology easily paired with major industry partners such as SpiderCam

Thomas Stoschek, Sales Manager and specialist for the live entertainment and broadcast markets at ARRI, spoke on ARRI’s intention at the show: “The ARRI setup at SportsInnovation 2024 proves that ARRI tools, including Super 35 cameras, are well-suited for sports and even enable a new kind of storytelling. By taking advantage of special settings that provide different depths of field, ARRI tools are able to play with various layers of the game. For example, the player can be placed more in focus and isolated from the rest of the image just by tweaking the depth of field, therefore producing a more unique and immersive experience for the audience.” 

The ARRI setup at SportsInnovation 2024 proves that ARRI tools, including Super 35 cameras, are well-suited for sports and even enable a new kind of storytelling.

Thomas Stoschek

Sales Manager at ARRI


ARRI’s TRINITY Stabilizer, seen here on a Segway, captures hard to reach action shots

The ARRI equipment on the field consisted of a 12-camera ARRI Multicam System setup with the camera stabilizer systems TRINITY Live and 360 EVO. Not only does the ARRI Multicam System capture high-precision images of the highest quality but it also allows for easy integration with third-party technology and industry-standard workflows. Capturing the hard-to-reach shots was never easier than with ARRI’s camera stabilizers TRINITY Live and 360 EVO. At the games, ARRI’s successful collaboration with other industry players was also on display. Many thanks to all our amazing partners, who provided unparalleled support and without whom the event would not have been possible: director: Thomas Strobl; OB-van: Skyline Television; lenses: Fujinon/FUJIFILM with the newest models from their Duvo range, ENG, and Box lenses; special cameras rigs: Ross Video/SpiderCam, Blackcam, and Panther; transmission service: netorium, Netinsight, HD Wireless, and cmotion.


ARRI partnered with Blackcam to produce unique rig setups for the two-day event

The business area at the event included the ARRI booth which featured a remote feed from the live games. ARRI also took the opportunity to present its technology on the main stage, right next to the field at SportsInnovation. In case some of the event’s participants were unfamiliar with ARRI and the company’s heritage, Product Marketing Manager Sean Dooley, gave a brief overview of ARRI’s resume before Thomas Stoschek spoke about the specific setup that was chosen and executed for SportsInnovation. Stoschek reflected and summarized: “ARRI cameras are well-known for their true-color image reproduction and high image dynamics. The ARRI look has already established itself at concerts, talk shows, comedy shows and even sporting events. However, occasionally the idea persists that large-sensor cameras are unsuitable for sports due to their shallow depth of field. We are happy to have the opportunity to show the opposite and demonstrate live that Super 35 offers a highly compatible format in which to showcase not only the action on the field but also sideline advertising and game analysis.”


On the event’s main stage, ARRI’s Thomas Stoscheck and Sean Dooley talk about the benefits of using ARRI equipment for sports

To provide guests of the event with a more in-depth look at ARRI’s camera and stabilizer setup on the field, ARRI arranged for a small, guided stadium tour on the first day. The tour was led by Thomas Stoschek and Chiara Ciattaglia, Marketing Manager for the EMEAI regions. On the field sidelines tour guests were able to get up close to the equipment and gain insights about the specific benefits of ARRI and partner gear for live sports. The tour also took guests to Skyline’s outside broadcast van (or OB van) directly outside the stadium. This mobile studio was the nerve center for ARRI footage at the event. Here, a skilled team, led by director Thomas Strobl, was able to process and transmit the live event at breakneck speed and incredible precision. Strobl, who has worked as a professional live production director for almost 30 years, thanked Team ARRI after the show: “ARRI’s know-how and experience with so many different productions—coupled with an increadibly sensitivity for the image—paved the way for a successful week. I am very happy with the output! I never imagined during the long preparations that it would look so good in the end! THANK YOU, ARRI, for your willingness and your vision.”

ARRI’s know-how and experience with so many different productions—coupled with an increadibly sensitivity for the image—paved the way for a successful week. I am very happy with the output!

Thomas Strobl

Live Production Director


An exclusive ARRI stadium tour allowed guests an intimate, behind the scenes look of the equipment on the field

Besides ARRI’s camera technology, a few ARRI LED lights were to be seen at the event. These luminaries produce the best light and demonstrate features particularly important for broadcast and media applications, where accurate color reproduction is essential for natural, true-to-life images. 

As a leading designer and manufacturer of camera and lighting systems for the film, broadcast, media, and entertainment industries, ARRI specializes in enhancing the creative process by making it intuitive and synergetic, regardless of application. ARRI’s state-of-the-art equipment, customized solutions, and trusted expertise provide the world of live entertainment with unparalleled images, simple integration with third-party technology, and industry-standard workflows.


Inside the OB van, provided by Skyline: the nerve center for ARRI footage at the event

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