L1.74010.B Compact 4000-1

Compact 4000 Theater

Perfect for the demanding world of  theater lighting

Where lightweight Fresnel spotlights combining daylight characteristics with a lack of spill light and great tolerance for high temperatures are required, ARRI Compact Daylight Theater Fresnels are the preferred choice. ARRI's elegant modular construction, using corrosion-resistant aluminium extrusions and lightweight die castings, offers great structural strength in a compact and efficient unit. Together with ARRI flicker-free Electronic Ballasts, the Compact Daylight Theater range is perfect for the demanding world of theater lighting.


  • High efficiency, wide-angle lenses
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium construction
  • Extremely even light distribution
  • No spill light
  • Glass reflector
  • Stirrup centre adjustment
  • Focus position indicator
  • Focus knob on front and rear
  • Easy service access
  • Wide range of accessories
Technical Data
Compact Theater
Compact 4000 Theater
Mains Plug
VEAM, Schaltbau (GTV-Standard)
Lamphead Type
Fresnel, 4,000 W
Spherical specular high purity aluminium
Lamp Type
Metal Halide 4,000 W/SE
Power Consumption
4,000 W
Voltage Range
200 V
Lamp Base
yes, 50 to 100 % via ARRI Ballast Unit
Correlated Color Temperature
6,000 K
Beam Angle
7° to 65°
Weight in kg net*
approx. 27 kg
Weight in kg packed*
approx. 37 kg
Weight in lbs. net*
approx. 60 lbs
Weight in lbs. Packed*
approx. 82 lbs
Measurements (HxWxL) incl. Pin in mm*
931 x 656 x 456 mm
Measurements (HxWxL) excl. Pin in mm*
816 x 656 x 456 mm
Measurements (HxWxL) incl. Pin in inch*
36.7 x 25.8 x 18.0"
Measurements (HxWxL) excl. Pin in inch*
32.1 x 25.8 x 18.0"
Measurements (HxWxL) Packed size in mm*
695 x 725 x 775 mm
Measurements (HxWxL) Packed size in inch*
27.4 x 28.5 x 30.5"
Lens / UV-Protection Glass Diameter in mm
300 mm
Lens / UV-Protection Glass Diameter in inch
Accessory Diameter in mm
400 mm
Accessory Diameter in inch
15.8" (Filter Insertion)
Barndoor in mm
413 mm
Barndoor in inch
Spigot 28 mm / 1 1/8" (1.1")
Housing Color
Protection Class / IP Rating
I / IP23

Note *Weight and dimensions are rounded values.