Cinematic Multicam

Remote control of AMIRA and ALEXA Mini for live TV

Cinematographers are striving for a cinematic look; producers require efficient and flexible production means. These two requirements often conflict. ARRI’s response is a simple to integrate fiber transmission system through a partnership with British manufacturer DTS. The combination of the ARRI cameras and the DTS system lets the production team achieve the established ARRI cinematic look, combined with the efficiency of a live transmission system. Customers can record on-camera for postproduction, finishing or slow motion effects, while simultaneously transmitting live HD or UHD signals to a broadcast facility, stage displays, or social media channel using standard production environments like OB vans or studios. The ARRI Multicam System knits a variety of components together to give program makers flexibility tailored to their very varied needs. A single investment gives renters or owners a system that can be switched from Cinematic Multicam to Documentary to Drama styles, with the same image quality and look options available for all three production types.

ARRI Multicam System Features

Efficient and flexible system

  • Live HDR in PQ or HLG, according to Rec 2100
  • Wide color space according to Rec 2020
  • 4K UHD recording and outputs
  • Long transmission distance, up to 2 km incl. power
  • Tally interface
  • Intercom channels
  • Return Video interface (AMIRA only)
  • Prompter channel
  • Genlock support (AMIRA only)
  • Slow Motion application with onboard recording

Look Library looks and 3D LUTs

  • Look Library looks and 3D LUTs (with 33 mesh points and additional metadata) can be loaded, used, and modified using the Sony or Skaarhoj RCP
  • ARRI Color Tool enables very precise and sophisticated color adjustments
  • Easy color matching of cameras and creation of specific and high quality looks in multi-camera productions

The best of HDR

  • ARRI digital cameras have always been HDR capable – an important consideration for broadcasters contemplating how the industry might progress beyond HD TV
  • The AMIRA and ALEXA Mini 14+ stops make it the perfect starting point for HDR distribution in either Dolby PQ or HLG formats, as defined by ITU-R BT.2100 
  • HDR with ARRI cameras allows an even better overall image quality – higher contrast, with deeper blacks and brighter whites; more vibrant colors; more depth; a sharper image, with more detail; and a larger range, which makes more looks possible

AMIRA Multicam Setup

AMIRA Multicam easily can be integrated into existing infrastructure, providing interfaces with, for example, PGM Return, Tally (green/red), and Genlock. The system will work with fiber-based transmission types like DTS, Ereca, Protech Nipros, MultiDyne, Sokong, and Telecast, allowing the transport of all video and data signals over a single SMPTE-311 fiber cable, providing power, as well as Wireless (RF) and Ethernet/BNC cable connection.

It also allows for on-board recording of any format, including LogC on CFast 2.0 cards in parallel to the live SDI output. LogC recording allows for the retention of all image information throughout the production process but also gives the option of transfer to a color space target either within the camera, or at any later stage of the production process.

The AMIRAs are controllable with industry-standard Sony Remote Control Panels (RCP’s), which allow technicians to continue to use the tools they are comfortable with. So, the system allows Sony RCP image parameter and iris control for ENG style PL and B4 lenses, and EF lenses; and cine style lenses (with cmotion broadcast camin). Parameters include: Auto Iris, Black R/G/B, Master Black, White R/G/B, 5600K Override, Auto White Balance, White Balance, ND filter selection, Detail, Shutter, ECS Shutter, Master Gain, Gamma R/G/B, Master Gamma, Master Black Gamma, Master Knee, Saturation, Scene Files, Call and Color Bars.

A more flexible RCP operation is offered with the Skaarhoj RCP V2, which additionally supports access to all relevant camera parameters through the ARRI Camera Protocol CAP.

ARRI cameras for the best HDR results, even in SDR

Scenes with a high contrast range, which are not possible to capture with conventional broadcast cameras, can be recorded in all their detail thanks to the high dynamic range of the ARRI image sensor, even in SDR/Rec. 709.


The most important advantages of AMIRA are definitely the picture quality and its versatility. In the past, our cameras were separated between Multicam or reports on the one side and image films or scenic productions on the other. Now we no longer need two types of cameras, only the AMIRAs.

Andreas Schech, founder and head of VPS Media

We love using the AMIRA Multicam, because of the outstanding images the AMIRAs capture - and the high-standard build of the camera. Technically, the DTS fiber system brings you all the features you expect, and so we can create a really good workflow.

Thomas Bischofer, Ruptly’s Head of Production, creating coverage for FIFA

We’ve had a very good experience with the AMIRA Multicam system. It gives me access to the cameras via the network, which enables me to see the camera from the top of the control room and operate it via remote triggering. The cameras also internally record as a back-up. We have a much higher dynamic range, which is definitely noticeable in the picture. And since the studio has been completely converted to LEDs, which can also be used to produce colored light, the camera already have a great look, without us having to add a lot of look.

Joachim Richerzhagen, BTF,  shooting „Neo Magazin Royale“ Show for ZDF (Germany’s national public television broadcaster)

A list of convinced users


Video Room


ARRI Multicam Showreel from VPS Media

Since 2014, VPS Media has implemented almost 1,000 projects with nine AMIRAs and two ALEXA Minis. These include commercials, multicam productions, event videos, music videos, image films, product videos, documentaries, and reportages. This showreel beautifully demonstrates the impressive image quality and the versatility of the ARRI Multicam System.


AMIRA Cinematic Multicam Showreel // Boxing

The results of the first live UHD sports production, the kickboxing event “Steko’s Fight Club,” captured with five ARRI AMIRAs and one ARRI ALEXA Mini, are hard-hitting. In a unique collaboration between ProSiebenSat.1, ARRI, and NEP Germany GmbH, the event was televised on kabel eins and streaming service ran FIGHTING in HD as well as on UHD1, the UHD demo channel of HD+, in UHD live. Watch the showreel and see the stunning cinema-quality imaginary for yourself.


ARRI Multicam System // Cooking Show, IBC 2019

The requirement for efficiency and flexibility by producers often collides with the need for a cinematic look. A conflict that the ARRI Multicam System knows how to overcome. It offers a vast dynamic range, a shallow depth of field, and at the same time, lends a cinematic look to live broadcasts, TV soaps, and cooking shows alike. The ARRI Multicam System can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures and knits a variety of components together to give program makers flexibility tailored to their individual needs. Experience the great range of possibilities as diverse as the flavors created in this video from IBC 2019 with the cinematic Multicam by ARRI.

News Room


World premiere for a live production!

For the first time during a live production, the look of the camera image could be changed at the push of a button without time delays. Loading different looks in a live modus is only possible with ARRI cameras and even grading takes place directly in the camera. Director Thomas Janze confirms: “This world premiere with the ARRI live looks in a multicamera network worked flawlessly. The only ‘problem’ we experienced was that we had to make a choice from a variety of great options. ARRI has a library of 288 prepared LUTs and they all look fantastic.


“The decision to use ARRI Multicam was great"

Procam Projects selected ARRI Multicam System with four ARRI AMIRAs and two ARRI ALEXA Mini cameras to achieve the desired 35mm filmic look by capturing Mumford & Sons 'Delta' Music Promo. The pleasing skin-tone reproduction of the ARRI cameras perfectly complemented footage of cherished moments between family and friends and the interactions between bandmembers.


ARRI rocks the Coachella Music and Arts Festival with a cinematic multicam

ARRI rocks the Coachella Music and Arts Festival with a cinematic multicam configuration consisting of five AMIRA's and two ALEXA Mini's. Our cameras covered Coachella's "Outdoor Stage" which was streamed live on YouTube. Gear provided by Eastside Camera Services.


AMIRA Multicam rises to high fashion

The world’s top fashion design companies are demanding ever higher standards of coverage for their shows.  The French company PhotoCineRent has become one of the leading specialists in multi-camera shooting, using ARRI AMIRA and ALEXA Minis. Its founder and director, Albrecht Gerlach, talked to us about the complexities of coordinating as many as 18 cameras to bring seamless coverage to high fashion.


Nine ARRI cameras for an one woman show at Montpellier Arena.

When French comedian Florence Foresti presented her one woman show at Montpellier Arena for an audience of 8,000 people, nine ARRI AMIRA and ALEXA Mini were used by Roger Films to capture the spectacle. Cameras, serviced by Visual Impact France, were equipped with Ereca Camracer optical fiber interface and Fujinon Zoom Lenses (25-300, 19-90, 14-35, and 85-300). Here are some great behind the scenes pictures.


AMIRA Multicam rises to broadcast challenge

The AMIRA Multicam System brings the picture quality you’d expect from ARRI and embeds it into existing infrastructure. It’s part of a growing trend to raise production standards and bring a ‘cinematic look’ to TV shows. The makers of one popular German program made the change and have been delighted with the results. 


Beethoven in China with AMIRA Multicam

Streaming the 20th anniversary concert of the Xinghai Concert Hall in the Chinese city of Guangzhou posed many challenges – the AMIRA Multicam system rose to them.


Cinematic AMIRA Multicam rocks The Who

For the largest multi-camera utilization of ARRI cameras to date in the UK, ARRI AMIRA cameras were called upon to capture The Who live at Royal Albert Hall in London. 

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