HyPer Optic

For a brighter, longer, rounder beam

  • Hot-swappable multi-lens
  • High light output
  • Suitable as e.g. X21 for backlight, X22 for window lighting, or X23 for cherry pickers
  • Enables diffusion frame attachment
  • 72 individual lenses collimated into one single beam
  • DoPchoice SNAPBOX® SNOOT and SNAPGRID® compatible
  • Includes eyelet for safety wire and easy handling

Size: 708 x 104 x 323 mm / 27.9 x 4.1 x 12.7 in

Weight: approx. 4.8 kg / 10.5 lb

One single rounded beam
  • Optimized for long-throw applications and very punchy light
  • Coherent beam in the distance
  • Emulation of hard, point-source lights

Josh Hensley

Chief Lighting Technician, US

I’m excited about the HyPer Optic as it expands the use of ARRI products into the “hard lighting world.” The unique design of having a circular beam through a rectangular fixture makes the panel array different than its competition. The stacking of units but singular source feel is a real win for how artists can use this fixture. You don’t need diffusion to blend the sources, which allows for more control over the quality choices of the image. The speed and modularity of the source is a win for efficiency without sacrificing creativity. I’m looking forward to re-imagining how to use a panel light.

Photometrical data

MicrosoftTeams-image (12)


  • Mounting HyPer Optics over the SkyPanel X transforms it into a native hard light luminaire with a refined, rounded beam. Depending on the output needs or size format, the SkyPanel X can be used as one 2:1 hard light (X21) in backlight applications, as a squared 2:2 hard light (X22) to throw light through the windows, or as a powerful 2:3 hard light (X23) for cherry picker/condor use. To enhance color mixing over close-to-medium distances, the HyPer Optic allows the attachment of diffusion frames right after the individual lenses. While the HyPer Optic delivers an accurate, narrow beam that can be cut from a far distance, it is possible to attach a foldable DoPchoice SNAPBOX® SNOOT or a SNAPGRID® eggcrate directly over the lens, allowing for glare and spill control.

  • Yes. The HyPer Optic allows for the placement of filter frames and the diffusion options of SkyPanel S60-C also fit. However, you may consider the possibility of removing the HyPer Optic and attaching the X21 Dome or the S60 Adapter directly over the open-face LEDs, getting all the advantages of native soft lighting. Alternatively, you can also mount the HyPer Optic and break the light to your preferred quality and coverage by placing an external diffusion frame at the desired distance from the beam.

  • The HyPer Optic is an optional, hot-swappable, multi-lens accessory that can be quickly mounted and dismounted from the X21 lamphead's front. The name refers to its high-performance light output for maximum intensity. The HyPer Optic is fully compatible with third-party accessories such as DoPchoice's SNAPBOX® SNOOT and SNAPGRID®. Thanks to its quick accessory mounting system, the X21 can work as a native hard light with the HyPer Optic, but also as a native soft light, a hybrid soft and hard light, or an open-face light for bouncing purposes.

  • The HyPer Optic allows for the attachment of filters and diffusers directly in front of the lens. The Beam Enhancer Filter can be used to soften the edges of the beam while still delivering a powerful punch, much like a frost filter. Glare and spill control is also possible via third-party accessories such as DoPchoice's SNAPBOX® SNOOT and SNAPGRID®.

  • The beam projected by the HyPer Optic is specifically optimized for long throws and applications where you need a very punchy light. While it can be used at close distances, most users will prefer the X21 Dome or the S60 Adapter for distances up to six meters, since the light will be softer and the beam distribution wider. The narrow beam of the HyPer Optic has multiple advantages, such as powerful bouncing, a strong and coherent beam into the distance, and the emulation of hard, point-source lights.


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