X21 Dome

Fast, beautiful, native soft light

  • Hot-swappable diffuser
  • Included with each SkyPanel X lamphead
  • Most efficient, brilliant, and uniform soft lighting when directly over LEDs
  • Interchangeable with modifiers

Size: 711 x 70 x 323 mm / 28 x 2.8 x 12.7 in

Weight: approx. 0,6 kg / 1.3 lb

Close-to-talent lighting
  • Great dimming curve and color
  • As quiet as the S60-C
  • Perfect soft wrap
  • Flexible control options with built-in wireless
  • Easy tweaking of softbox and diffusion frame
Combine the X21 Dome with the HyPer Optic for more lighting possibilities

Photometrical data

MicrosoftTeams-image (11)


  • Yes, every SkyPanel X will come with an X21 Dome.

  • The SkyPanel X with the X21 Dome attached delivers more lumen and more lux output than the SkyPanel X with the S60 Adapter plus Standard S60-C diffusion attached. However, users can always exchange the Standard diffusion with the S60-C Intensifier in the S60 Adapter, or directly using it without diffusion for the highest possible lumen output.

  • While the X21 Dome is an excellent solution for direct soft lighting, you can also use the optional S60 Adapter as an alternative. The S60 Adapter is a front-based accessory that allows for the attachment of any S60-C existing front accessories, including all existing diffusion, since it works as a perfect replica of S60-C's front.

  • Both options deliver great native soft light; the right choice depends on your working dynamics. The X21 Dome is the most convenient option for a simple and fast setup, while the S60 Adapter offers the most accurate way of cutting, shaping and modifying the beam spread. While the X21 Dome is brighter than the combination of S60 Adapter and Standard S60-C diffusion, the S60 Adapter brings the possibility of reusing the many existing S60-C accessories, such as honeycombs, SkyBenders, or barndoors.

  • Soft lights such as the DoPchoice Snapbag, snoots such as DoPchoice Snapbox-Snoot and eggcrates such as DoPchoice Snapgrid will be able to fit over the front of the X21 Dome to cut, control, and modify the beam spread. Large softboxes such as Chimera Lightbank for X23 are also available for the X23, fully compatible with X21 Domes or directly over the open-face format. You can always choose whether to use X21 Domes or not, for extra even distributions.


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