SkyPanel X digital twin
Native Bluetooth 5.0.

Discover the future of virtual production lighting with SkyPanel X's digital capabilities. Experience unprecedented color quality through three unique ARRI ALEXA Modes. Control settings, effects and more via native Bluetooth 5.0. through the ARRI LiCo App - no additional tools required. Unleash the power of innovation with ARRI.


SkyPanel X's digital twin

ARRI's SkyPanel X digital twin represents the forefront of digital innovation, offering precise virtual lighting simulations. Our digital twin technology adapts real-world fixtures and workflows into the virtual production environment and transforms cinematic lighting workflows from preproduction to postproduction.

Featuring 3D models, authentic characteristics, and intuitive interfaces, it equips filmmakers with advanced tools. Visualize, manage, and collaborate effortlessly, boosting efficiency, consistency, and creativity in film production. Delve into the fusion of physical and digital domains for compelling storytelling.

The perfect match: ALEXA & SkyPanel X

Unlock the art of color fusion: lighting and camera perfectly in sync. Experience true color, as the SkyPanel X seamlessly melds with the ALEXA color science and sensors, thanks to the ARRI ALEXA Modes.

SkyPanel X operational mode


High CRI Vari Fan

High Output




ARRI ALEXA High Output

How to activate the ARRI ALEXA Mode?

Bluetooth 5.0 control

SkyPanel X comes with native Bluetooth 5.0. Say goodbye to wires with this wireless solution designed for short distances. No extra bluetooth tools required for SkyPanel X – it's that simple. Adjust DMX, RDM, and operational modes just like on the control panel. Seamless compatibility with any bluetooth 5.0 device. Effortlessly pair with multiple users for a user-friendly experience. Take command of color, dimming, and effects straight from your smart device.

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  • The SkyPanel X already has terrific color quality (CRI, TLCI, TM30, etc.), but the ARRI ALEXA Modes take this a step further by calibrating the SkyPanel X to the spectral senstivity of the ALEXA ALEV 3 and ALEV 4 sensors. There are three ALEXA Modes: ALEXA Standard Mode, ALEXA VariFan Mode, and ALEXA High Output Mode.

  • The SkyPanel X will have a digital twin, meaning it will have an exact replica in Unreal Engine. This will allow virtual productions to light their virtual sets with the same fixtures as their practical sets, enabling familiar workflows for emerging technologies and easier matching between game engine and real life.


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