SkyPanel X applications

Same workflows, more possibilities

The all-weather SkyPanel X, with its enhanced brightness, quick setup, superior skin tone rendering, digital twin, and built-in ARRI ALEXA Modes, covers application possibilities ranging from cine-style to broadcast, and live events to virtual production. Furthermore, all existing S60-C front accessories can be reused on the X21 by simply mounting the S60 Adapter. When even more output is needed, attach the HyPer Optic for a single rounded beam and scale up to the larger X22 and X23 formats. Using the same fixture for multiple purposes improves color consistency and simplifies lighting control. In addition to the iconic blue and silver housing, we offer the sleek all-black variant, adding a touch of sophistication to studio setups and seamlessly blending into live event environments

Did you know?

  • SkyPanel X needs only 800 W and can be operated via a standard domestic plug - no generator needed
  • The modular system exceeds HMI output, but with all the benefits of LED lighting
  • The S60 Adapter transforms SkyPanel X into an even more flexible tool
  • SkyPanel X is IP66 rated - no more worries about dust, wind, or water
  • SkyPanel X comes in two housing colors - the iconic blue/silver and the sleek all-black variant

We shot night for day on location, emulating daylight while transitioning to night and creating a moonlight effect. Logistically, we knew it was going to rain. I needed a light that could handle the pouring rain, punch like an HMI, have a nice dimming curve, color shift to moonlight, and create one shadow. The modular aspect allowed me to split the SkyPanel X23 into a HyPer Optic SkyPanel X21 for the punch of an HMI PAR, and a pair of open-face X21s to push through two windows.

DP, German Valle, SkyPanel X

German Valle


We also used an X21 to create a sodium street light effect, and an X23 to light the background for realistic street light ambiance. The X23 was perfect, it worked like a champ while only using a 20-amp circuit.


German Valle


Soft light applications

Soft light x studio & cine style

The X21 can be used close to the talent in very low-end, flicker-free dimming conditions, while adjusting X21's color science to the ALEV 3 and ALEV 4 sensors of ARRI ALEXA cameras with the ARRI ALEXA Modes.

Soft light x virtual production

When used as a soft light, X21 offers the possibility of creating texturized 8-pixel patterns specially useful for virtual reality applications.

Soft light x broadcast & corporate studios

Base lighting on fixed TV installations and corporate productions, with the possibility of using barndoors, honeycombs, and intensifiers via the S60 Adapter.

Hard light applications

Hard light x cine style

SkyPanel X with the HyPer Optic delivers a very punchy light source, ideal through windows with diffusion. It offers an alternative to traditional point-source lights, since you get the punch and rounded beam but with all the advantages of LED lights – dimming, full-color control, integrated PSU, and wireless control.

Hard light x live events

Using SkyPanel X luminaires with HyPer Optics gives you unprecedented output and eye-candy looks, thanks to its defined aerial beam, solid color reproduction, and 16-bit, flicker-free dimming, even at the lowest percentages. Very useful for live broadcast events - a powerful light with full DMX control and pixel-mapping capabilities.

Modular applications

Modular x night x cine style

The SkyPanel X23 with three HyPer Optics mounted is a great choice for illuminating large, outdoor night scenes, since it delivers more focused light output per fixture than any other LED alternative and can therefore reduce the number of units. In addition, no generator is required.

Modular x virtual production

When using the SkyPanel X23 for virtual production you benefit from 24 pixel zones in a contrasted or a texturized look, and can combine the HyPer Optic and the X21 Domes, in just 85 DMX channels. The digital twin rounds off the use in virtual production and enables precise planning in pre-production as well as the “easy to set-up” interaction between the virtual content and lighting during production.

Modular x cine style

With the SkyPanel X23 soft and hard light package you are able to use the three lights together as a large 2:3 panel, or as individual X21s for different applications in both soft and hard light: night scenes, in the cherry picker or condor, through external diffusion for moonlight emulation, or directly focused over trees, buildings and windows.

Bouncing applications

Bouncing with open face from close distances
Bouncing with open-face from close distances

Using the SkyPanel X as an open-face light to evenly fill a bounce board, diffusion frame, or bounce directly off of the set, while maximizing your output.

Bouncing with HyPer Optic from long distances
Bouncing with HyPer Optic from long distances

Using the SkyPanel X as a native hard light to precisely bounce off diffusion frames and mirrors helps you control inverse square fall-off and allows you to more easily light from challenging angles.

Bouncing with X21 Domes
Bouncing with X21 Domes

Using the SkyPanel X as a native soft light, the super-wide beam angle and smooth diffusion help fill large diffusion frames and softboxes from a close distance, and with a beautiful soft quality.


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