Sample setups

The RIA‑1 is an exceptionally versatile hub for countless different shooting setups. Whether used as a receiver, transmitter, motor controller, or to extend the wireless functionality of other ECS components, it facilitates fast, easy workflows on modern, professional sets.

While the RIA‑1 has been designed to be part of the Hi‑5 ecosystem, it is also backwards compatible with all other ARRI ECS devices that support either white radio (EMIP) communication or LBUS connectivity. All existing run/stop/tally functionality of the CAM cables for the cforce mini RF motor are supported through the RIA‑1, and advanced camera control functionality for third-party cameras from Red and Sony is available through optional camera control licenses for Hi‑5.

Below are just a few of the many possible RIA‑1 setups.


Hi‑5 connected to RIA‑1 (Host) for ALEXA 35 camera and lens control

ALEXA Mini LF (SUP 7.3 or higher)

ALEXA Mini/ALEXA Mini LF (SUP 7.2 and older)


Third-party cameras

Hi‑5 connected to RIA‑1 (Host) for 3rd party camera and lens control