Orbiter Skid - Orbiter MAN - front - right - table top - 30 open face

Grip & mounting

Yokes, skids, and clamp adapter

Pick the right yoke, skid, or grip for your application.
The yokes for Orbiter come with a newly developed release system that allows quick changes between a manual version lamphead and a pole-operated version. The skid can be mounted easily to Orbiter, replacing the feet. Equipped with the skid, Orbiter is perfectly prepared for heavy-duty daily work in rough environments. It is ideal for transport on trolleys or for storage in compartments on trucks. The variable friction arm enables a fuss-free range of movement. In combination with the super clamp, this friction arm is perfect for attaching the Orbiter control panel to a great variety of surfaces while keeping it organized and flexible. The multipurpose clamp is a versatile, professional, and superior quality clamp for a whole range of applications. The compact and lightweight clamp can hold onto just about anything, including round and square surfaces.