Lighting accessories for soft, controlled light

Beautifully soft and controlled light

Softboxes with a large aperture to generate extremely soft and yet bright light from Licht-Technik, DoPchoice, and Chimera. Perfect for beauty shots. If you want to create a distinct ring light effect in the eyes on a beauty or portrait shoot, at the same time generating soft skin tones, you will also find Eyelights here. They are a perfect add-on for stills photography lighting.
All of these softboxes either have the Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) adapter pre-installed, or can use a specially made speed ring that fits the QLM and allows the lightweight softboxes to be connected to Orbiter with one simple action. The Bag-o-Light by Licht-Technik is the only exception, as it has to be mounted to a 15° Open Face Optic.

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