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We feel fortunate to have an incredible community of customers, friends, and fans. We greatly appreciate receiving feedback about the Classic SkyPanel and learning about your lighting setups and experiences. You can find feedback that has already been shared with us below and on our social media channels. If you'd like to catch our attention and potentially be featured on ARRI's channels, feel free to use the hashtag #ARRILighting when posting your content on social media.

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Jul. 13, 2023

These light effects are the highlight at every party! 🎉

@koto_stagestudio faced the challenge of setting the perfect light for a street party and found what he was looking for ...

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To share your experiences and feedback about using SkyPanel, please complete the form below. We would love to hear about your decision to use SkyPanel on set, which member of the SkyPanel family and accessories you used, how you utilized this LED lighting, and what you enjoyed or disliked about using it. Please provide as much detail as possible.

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