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We feel fortunate to have an amazing community of customers, friends, and supporters. Your lighting setups and stories about using SkyPanel are always appreciated, and we value your feedback. You can find some of the feedback we've received below and on our social media pages. Share your content with us by using #ARRILighting on social media, and you may even be featured on the ARRI channels.

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The ARRI SkyPanel gives filmmakers the ability to quickly change colors without the need for gels. This creates new choices and allows for more creativity on set.

Helmut Prein metering

Helmut Prein

Gaffer, Germany

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To share your experiences and feedback about using SkyPanel, please complete the form below. We would love to hear about your decision to use SkyPanel on set, which member of the SkyPanel family and accessories you used, how you utilized this LED lighting, and what you enjoyed or disliked about using it. Please provide as much detail as possible.

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