Range of applications

Different SkyPanels for different applications

The ARRI SkyPanel series of LED soft lights offers a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality solution for the industry. With a design that focuses on form, color, and output, these fixtures are perfect for any production. The range of sizes and accessories make them suitable for film production, broadcast studios, virtual production studios, theaters, and live entertainment. Their versatility allows them to adapt to different applications with ease. 

Cine-style market

Since its introduction, the SkyPanel has been a landmark lighting fixture on TV and film sets. With a broad range of accessories for every scenario, and the respect of professional crews all over the world, the SkyPanel is a dependable tool on any busy set.

  • SkyPanel is the recognized choice for the cine world – every crew knows how to use them, and the workflow is proven from years of experience
  • SkyPanel is optimized for speed, quality, and efficiency – by using trusted and refined systems, ARRI users can focus on creativity instead of problem solving
  • The Skypanel ecosystem works as a solid package – there is a matured, reliable, and extensive range of accessories for every situation and preference
Cine-style applications



Studios need long-term and effective solutions

  • Broadcast-ready for highest quality performance
  • Global sales and support network for fast, easy service
  • Exhaustive testing and certification processes ensure quality control
  • Thermal management and color consistency over time for maintained quality
SkyPanel use cases for broadcast

Virtual production

  • Achieve superior color accuracy for a life-like Mixed Reality experience
  • Connected for streamlined scene management
  • Wide range of formats to suit any production size
SkyPanel for virtual productions


Creating the right mood on stage with SkyPanels

Skypanel is an excellent choice for lighting a theater stage. It contains over 300 Lee and Rosco gels, which offer accuracy and quality, while Extended Color Control enables fast color mixing. Smooth gradients create a stunning atmosphere on stage, and gentle fall-off creates graceful light blending. For vibrant theater lighting, Skypanel is the perfect solution.

SkyPanel on stage


  • Versatility: With a range of options for every shoot, the SkyPanel is perfect for any occasion
  • Calibrated and color-tunable light engine: You have the freedom to explore your creative side with precise control over your light
  • Fast shutter: SkyPanel's powerful light means you can shoot with a fast shutter speed while still having a beautiful quality of light
  • Professional quality: Shoot with confidence knowing that your clients will be happy with the results
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