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SkyPanel - simple, made for the job, versatile.

Experience exceptional illumination with the SkyPanel LED soft light

The SkyPanel LED soft light offers a tremendous amount of light output in a soft and uniform beam field. It surpasses tungsten soft lights of up to 2 kW and tungsten space lights of up to 6 kW. Plus, users have complete control over brightness and color, thanks to its adjustable range of illumination. Experience the unmatched power and finesse of the SkyPanel LED soft light.

Outstanding color rendition - LED white light without sacrifices

ARRI's SkyPanel is the perfect choice for accurate color reproduction and soft LED light. With its advanced LED technology, SkyPanel meets the highest standards of color rendition with natural skin tones and precise temperature settings. Whether CRI (Color Rendering Index), CQS (Color Quality Scale) or TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index): SkyPanel delivers soft LED light for any environment.


Fully tuneable - get the color you want in seconds


Illuminate your productions with precise color control

Create the perfect look and color for your set with the tuneable SkyPanel C (Color) versions. With CCT range from 2,800 K to 10,000 K and access to over 85% of the Rec 2020 color space, you can adjust hue/saturation, RGBW mixing, digital gels, source matching, and more for precise lighting decisions every time.

Single soft & clean - the proof is in the shadows

SkyPanel offers a professional-grade LED soft light for superbly clean shadows. It mixes 2,000 calibrated red, green, blue, and white LEDs into one homogeneous beam of soft light. The resulting shadows are soft and devoid of multiple edges or strange colors, making SkyPanel your ideal choice for high-quality soft light and shadow rendition.

SkyPanel for professional-grade soft light beam quality - uniform and true to your vision

SkyPanel LED soft lights are known for providing high-quality, uniform light with a smooth beam field. The combination of curated diffusion panels, an LED mixing chamber, and large light aperture ensures that the light wraps around objects without producing harsh shadows for a beautiful, even finish. SkyPanel technology results in an evenly distributed beam in terms of both color and intensity.

Tremendous output - one of the brightest soft lights on the market

The SkyPanel by ARRI is a remarkable LED fixture that defies the norm by delivering both exceptional tuneability and high output. Its impressive light output is consistent across the entire CCT range, making it a top choice for professionals.


The large ARRI S360-C and mid-range S60 LED soft lights are perfect for any production that needs more brightness and detail. The S360-C produces three times more output than a 12,000 watt tungsten soft light with only 1,500 watts of power, while the mid-range S60 boasts three times more output than a 2 kW tungsten soft light or 6 kW tungsten space light. Both models provide stunning visuals without sacrificing power, making them ideal for bringing any feature film to life!

Multiple control options


Remote Control Panel

SkyPanel's user interface offers a wide range of controls, including color temperature, green/magenta point, intensity, hue, and saturation. The controls can be adjusted instantly with three simple knobs. SkyPanel also offers multiple ways to control light output, including DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN, 5-Pin XLR, and Ethernet, enabling remote control via console, web portal, smartphone, and tablet.

SkyPanel S60 with RC in foreground - Table -2

CRMX2: more universes, automatic linking

The S360-C has integrated wireless DMX via the LumenRadio CMRX chip, removing the need for cables and distribution equipment. Link a compatible LumenRadio transmitter to the S360-C, and use its 5-Pin DMX output to daisy chain non-wireless SkyPanels into the DMX network.


SkyPanel Web Portal

The SkyPanel Web Portal enables easy Ethernet or WiFi adjustments. It's been upgraded in Firmware 4, featuring fast navigation and comprehensive control interfaces via any web browser. DMX functions are also monitored in detail.

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STELLAR Control App

Stellar is the premier lighting control app for all your LED soft light needs. Through its intuitive interface, ARRI SkyPanels can be connected to other ARRI LED fixtures and third-party fixtures quickly and easily. Get the most out of your LED soft light with Stellar - available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Discover more about Stellar today.

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Impressive lighting effects

SkyPanel Lighting Effects is a powerful feature that enables users to customize lighting effects without the need for a lighting console or complicated programming. With SkyPanel, choose from a variety of effects such as candle, clouds passing, club lights, color chase, cop car, fire, fireworks, light strobe, lightning, paparazzi, and more. Create unique light experiences with SkyPanel lighting effects.

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SkyPanel on set

The ARRI SkyPanel is an indispensable tool for filmmakers and lighting technicians. It provides amazing soft lighting, with adjustable brightness and color temperatures, making it ideal for various applications.

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