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ARRI SkyPanel has become the gold standard for lighting professionals in the industry. For over eight years, gaffers, cinematographers, and technicians have chosen SkyPanel as a dependable solution for all of their projects. With its award-winning quality, outstanding lumen efficiency, native soft light, and unmatched sustainability, it's no wonder that there is hardly a film set without this product. Our commitment to quality doesn't stop there; we provide free software updates, education offerings, and services for all our customers, ensuring that your investment in SkyPanel keeps on giving.

I am regularly offered new products but each time none match the SkyPanel.


Sidney Baucheron

Chief electrian & gaffer, France

Return on Investment lifecycle

Years of quality, sustainability and satisfaction

Premium-quality performance, service, and support have always been the strength of ARRI fixtures.

The award-winning SkyPanel is an advanced panel light made with superior quality and sustainability in mind. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, this durable fixture features a strong aluminum core with fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastics for maximum resilience, even during heavy-duty use on busy film sets. SkyPanel’s LED light engine boasts a lifespan of more than 25,000 hours and can be easily serviced or recalibrated for long-term reliability. For those seeking a high return on investment, ARRI’s uncompromising engineering standards make SkyPanel the superior choice.

Service and support for SkyPanels
Mature workflow

SkyPanel is the perfect choice for lighting solutions in the market! Our products are widely accepted and familiar among users, providing you with the best lighting experience available.

SkyPanel is a crucial tool in the television and film industry for the past eight years. The product family of SkyPanel offers a range of accessories that are easy to set up and use. SkyPanel provides superior sustainability, quality, and panel light features for maximum efficiency on set. Its top-notch output and consistent performance help professionals create award-winning works of art. SkyPanel is a reliable yet versatile lighting solution, making it an industry favorite.


Purchase with peace of mind knowing that every SkyPanel comes with a 100% manufacturer's warranty, fully transferable at resale, and included in the purchase price for no extra cost. Our three-year warranty ensures your investment is protected for years to come.

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Lucie Technical Award




Lucie Technical Award


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