SkyPanel Accessories Stage Softboxes


Professional lighting accessories for SkyPanel

Enhance your SkyPanel's performance with our softboxes

SkyPanel softboxes provide a wide range of light diffusion and controllable intensity, from the small Octa to the larger rectangular versions. Perfect for interviews or unique looks, no matter what your needs are, these softboxes make it easy to get creative with your lighting setup.

Chimera Lightbank with Brackets

The Lightbank and Brackets for the S30, S60 and S120 by Chimera is a professional grade soft box that increases the light aperture of the SkyPanel by roughly 100%. The lightbank comes with several diffusions and folds away for storage. The brackets mount to the side of the SkyPanel outer frame.

• Specially made for SkyPanel S30, S60 and S120

• Professional Grade Construction

• Video Pro front

• Includes: Lightbank, 2 brackets and three diffusions


DoPchoice SNAPGRID® 40° for Octa

The SNAPGRID® for the Octa by DoPchoice attaches to the front of the SkyPanel Octa and provides directional light control. The SNAPGRID® easily folds away for storage.

• Specially made for SkyPanel S30 and S60 Octas

• Provides directional light control

• Approx. 40° half peak angle (HPA)

• No mounting hardware required

DoPchoice Eyelights for Octa 4

The Eyelights for Octa 4 by DoPchoice replace the front diffusion of the DoPchoice octagon. They provide a distinct ring light effect in eyes for beauty or portrait shooting, while generating soft skin tones. The Eyelights are a perfect addon for still photography lighting.

• 1/4 Grid Screen with 50 cm / 19.7" black circle in center

• Magic Cloth Screen with 50 cm / 19.7" black circle in center

• Baffle, black/soft silver, 60 cm / 23.6"

• Great for still photography lighting


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