Jun. 16, 2020

ARRI's statement on Black Lives Matter

As a global organization, ARRI is recommitting to making a long-term impact to support people of color and to do our part in rooting out racism.

Jun. 16, 2020

A world that turns a blind eye to systemic racism, cruelty, and oppression is not a reality that we will accept. The ARRI family stands in solidarity with our Black colleagues, clients and communities, and we unequivocally condemn all acts of racism, discrimination, and senseless brutality.

For the last few weeks, we have focused our attention on how we as a global organization can make a meaningful impact to confront the systemic racism facing our society and to support BIPOC ( Black, Indigenous, and people of color) communities. We have listened and we have reflected. We resolve that we will not be silent and we will not be complacent. Black Lives Matter. As a global organization, we now recommit to making a long-term impact to support people of color and root out racism.

ARRI has been dedicated for decades to supporting filmmakers behind the scenes, regardless of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. Programs have been initiated and opportunities green-lighted that have allowed minorities, the underprivileged, and emerging filmmakers to benefit from the same tools and education as their more-advantaged industry colleagues. However, we recognize that we can do much more to support and celebrate diversity and champion Black creatives and filmmakers.

Sustainable and meaningful change requires action that reflects a deep and empathetic understanding of the challenges before us. We need to respond thoughtfully to meet this moment with action, not simply react with platitudes. While we have not wholly recovered from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and entertainment industry shutdown, we will begin immediately by:

  • Expanding our Franz Wieser Grant Program that provides equipment assistance to aspiring filmmakers from underrepresented communities with an additional $200,000 commitment to directly engage Black filmmakers. Please reach out to us at
  • Supporting and uplifting the voices by spotlighting Black filmmakers and projects that feature people of color on our website, in our emails, and on social media.
  • Prioritizing diversity in our hiring practices and opening a frank dialogue with our employees about new ways to promote our culture of diversity.
  • Recognizing June 19, “Juneteenth,” as a paid holiday for all of our employees in the United States, including ARRI INC, ARRI Rental, and Illumination Dynamics. The ARRI team will join the nation in celebrating and reflecting on this historic day in 1865 that marked the end of slavery in the United States.
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion in affiliate partnerships such as the ASC and Film Independent and more.
  • Dedicating and reserving sponsored seats in ARRI Academy courses throughout the United States and Canada for people of color.

This is just a start. We are constantly working to make sustainable long-term change happen. Although we do not have all the answers, we are listening. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how we can identify and implement sustainable programs and partnerships in our company and our community. Please email us at

Until then, we have much work to do.