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Mar. 26, 2020

WRDE Coast TV Launches Local News with ARRI expertise and fixtures

From technology to lighting design, ARRI provides end-to-end solution for NBC news affiliate.

Mar. 26, 2020

When NBC affiliate WRDE Coast TV launched its local news program, they turned to ARRI. Not only did ARRI provide their renowned LED lighting fixtures, they offered lighting design expertise as part of a complete, turn-key package. The project had unique challenges: what was formerly a conference room with a high ceiling would be transformed into a news set and weather desk. The program covers the Delmarva peninsula, an area that includes parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Although the studio equipment is located in Milton, DE, master and production controls are located in Salisbury, MD at BOC. This makes WRDE the only TV station in the U.S. to have a control room in one state, while the studio is in another.

The collaboration between ARRI and WRDE began last year at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. Explains Randy Read, ARRI Specifications Sales Manager: “Initially, it was the ARRI reputation for lighting and cameras that intrigued them. We could make it a one-stop shop for them by coming up with a design and drawings for the studio. Then we oversaw the installation by their staff to get the lights and cameras focused. They did not have to do anything but buy the fixtures.” WRDE ordered ARRI SkyPanel S-60s, S-30s along with ARRI L7s and L5s from B&H.

“I have never worked with lights that had so much versatility, just about infinitely customizable,” says Producer Chuck Regner of the program Outdoors Delmarva. “These are the first LED fixtures that I have ever worked with that have the ability to produce that warm tungsten glow that we all love and can be focused as Fresnels. Plus, they can be programmed to create practically limitless effects. ARRI fixtures give lighting designers so many options to create just about whatever effects are needed…I can’t say enough about these lights.”

For Read, who has had decades of experience as a lighting designer, the placement of fixtures was no mystery. He says, “The priorities are to make people look good on camera and you have to work within the budget.” Read devised a three-point lighting plot for each angle, taking into account the various camera angles, number of people on view and their eyelines.

Whether for houses of worship, broadcast studios or educational institutions, the ARRI Lighting Systems Group provides convenient, customized lighting solutions of any size. Design services are offered at no charge to clients purchasing ARRI fixtures. Customers are free to buy ARRI luminaires from any dealer of their choosing. Says John Dearing, WBOC News Director: “Randy Read and ARRI were a true delight to partner for our project. He brings incredible knowledge to create a spectacular lighting environment. He was always professional, kind and open to input. The ARRI equipment is the best. Put Randy and ARRI equipment on your project and you will guarantee success.”

Photos: (4) @WBOC TV 16/FOX 21