Tencent elevates virtual production with ARRI Solutions-planned virtual production studio - Customer review, reference.

Tencent elevates virtual production with ARRI Solutions

Supported by ARRI Solutions, Chinese multimedia company Tencent created a state-of-the-art LED volume with ARRI technology, an IP-based lighting network and high-quality color management workflows.

Sep. 28, 2022

As one of the leading digital publishing companies worldwide, Tencent creates immersive, interactive content for people around the globe. Tencent Content Development Department (CDD) wanted to explore the opportunities that virtual production could bring to its content pipeline and established an LED volume at its Shenzhen headquarters in 2021. 

Following successful preliminary tests and internal projects, CDD engaged ARRI Solutions, a dedicated team within ARRI, focused on designing and engineering cutting-edge production environments. As well as providing high quality lighting and camera products from ARRI, the team is also delivering customized lighting design solutions, consultancy on workflows offering deeper integration, as well as improvements to power and energy consumption, specialist training and education, and on-set engineering support.  

“Tencent is known across the world for high quality digital and gaming content,” explains Tiger Kang, Head of Solutions ARRI China. “Ensuring that those production values are maintained within its virtual production studio was our guiding principle for both product and workflow design.” 


ARRI Solutions equipped Tencent’s virtual production studio in Shenzhen with state-of-the-art tools and workflow design

The team designed a comprehensive transition to an IP-based lighting network for improved studio efficiency, dynamic integration with virtual backgrounds and workflow automation, together with flexible rigging and positioning designs for ARRI Orbiter and ARRI SkyPanel fixtures. ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA LF, paired with Hi‑5 electronic control units, capture action within the stage, with metadata integration via ARRI’s LiveLink plugin for Unreal Engine content. 


ARRI Orbiters (front) provide professional lighting for mixed reality production in Tencent’s LED volume

 “Complementing the brightness and spectrum of the LED walls with professional lighting is imperative for high quality image production, and ensuring authentic detail and skin tone representation,” continues Kang. “Combined with the high dynamic range of ARRI’s cameras, we’ve provided a reliable color management and flexible post process pipeline, which not only suit the needs of Tencent’s LED volume, but also matches the unique characteristics of mixed reality production.” 

“The breadth of experience and expertise within the ARRI Solutions team means that its experts understand how to maximize a virtual production environment from technical, operational, creative and financial perspectives,” concludes Dg Guo, MRPS Technology Director Tencent. “The collaboration and detailed insight have been at the very highest level and will provide an excellent foundation for our virtual content pipeline in the future.” 


ARRI’s technology, customized lighting design and workflow solutions are the foundation of Tencent’s virtual content pipeline in the future

Opening photo: Tencent Content Development Department