Oct. 14, 2020

LinkedIn Learning installs ARRI Fly track rail system to speed up the production workflow

Lighting Supervisor Gregory Pickard gives ARRI behind the scenes from LinkedIn Learning stages in Carpentaria, CA and explains how his team created the lighting system that can be adjusted in 10 minutes.

Oct. 14, 2020

The world’s largest professional social network LinkedIn recognized the potential of video content back in 2015 when they purchased, later renamed LinkedIn Learning. The leading online learning company helps anyone acquire technology, business, and creative skills. LinkedIn Learning studios in Carpinteria, CA, and New York, NY, produce over 1500 live-action educational courses per year. To keep up with the fast video production workflow, the Carpentaria’s team lead by the supervisor of lighting and grip Gregory Pickard equipped their 11 sound stages with the necessary tools to maximize organization and space. Limited availability of instructors from all over the world drove a need to create a flexible production environment to minimize the filming time. “ARRI Fly Track System has been a lifesaver!” explains Pickard. “Even though these studios are limited in size, it does not limit speed and efficiency whatsoever.”

On average, LinkedIn Learning produces 17 courses each week. The length of a class can range anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.

“Saving space and sound dampening is one of our biggest concerns. We needed a way to lift the lights and camera off the floor so the director, crew, and especially the instructor could move around freely without having to worry about running into anything,” says Pickard.

The lighting suspension system allows secure fixtures placement directly over the camera. “We had two rail systems installed at first, and that was a fantastic start. We then built out the larger greenscreen and practical set using the rail system as well. Safety is a top priority for us, and an easily adjustable safety chain secures this system,” adds Pickard. Thanks to its robust functionality, ARRI’s Fly Track Kit’s bring tremendous efficiency to studios of all sizes by allowing maximum floor space as it keeps cables and stands off the floor. A simple modular suspension system is user-friendly and easy to implement.

ARRI Rail Track Kits I, II or III include:

  • Two fixed ceiling rails
  • One or two moving rails
  • Two-Three friction pantographs

A variety of friction pantographs incorporates a two-axis horizontal and vertical positioning design integrated with pole-operated rolling carriages that allow a multitude of positions from the ground. The pantographs can then be lowered into a position to utilize pan and tilt features. The X-Fly pantograph can be pushed up out of the way for storage to maximize the headroom when not in use.

“We can make lighting adjustments on the fly, and new setups take less than 10 minutes,” says Pickard. Combining the technology, ease of use, and accuracy of the Fly Track system, they can do just that. “It’s a well-thought-out and well-built product.” Pickard states.