Consultancy and studio network design for integrated system-studio of Aragon TV. An example integrated systems use case.

ARRI Solutions' IP infrastructure drives efficiency for Aragon TV

Regional Spanish broadcaster Aragon TV relied on ARRI Solutions’ consultancy and lighting network design to elevate production quality for its 2023 local election coverage.

Jul. 11, 2023

Since its launch in 2006, Spanish regional public broadcaster Aragon TV has remained committed to keeping its local communities informed on topics that directly affect their daily lives. Based in the heart of Zaragoza, the region’s main city, Aragon TV’s central production facility comprises three studios, from where a dedicated daily schedule of live programming is delivered.

Aragon TV took the opportunity to undertake a full modernisation project; starting the transition to 4K HD with Studio 3, upgrading to IP broadcast workflows, and installing the channel’s first LED graphics backdrop. Key to this was ensuring its lighting and electrical design would drive more efficient workflows, increase reliability, and have a substantial impact on operational and maintenance costs.


An innovative trussing system designed by ARRI Solutions enables quick and easy studio configuration

ARRI Solutions provided consultancy for a robust, flexible lighting network and a studio workflow configured through a fully IP-based lighting system. “Transitioning to end-to-end IP, down to the very last fixture, delivers major technical and operational benefits, due to its clear and intuitive configuration,” explains Alejandro Sanchez-Cuerda, Senior Solutions Architect ARRI EMEAI, who led the Aragon TV project. “Any broadcast engineer can quickly select, rig, and connect additional fixtures into the network, adjust existing set ups or troubleshoot issues quickly across the entire studio infrastructure.”

Complementing the network redesign, the team also developed an effective and unobtrusive trussing concept, updated electrical and power distribution, as well as installation of a range of ARRI lighting fixtures for the new studio, in conjunction with ARRI’s Spanish distributor Video Cine Import. 

Watch Aragon TV’s studio build

Inside Aragon TV broadcast studio while setup was being built.

“The ARRI Solutions team designed a truss system that incorporates internal channels to house all cabling, Ethernet, and power lines, which gives a very slick and seamless appearance to the studio,” explains Carlos Martin, Chief Technical Production Manager Aragon TV. “This means we can utilize even more of the studio floorspace for productions, and teams can also configure the requirements for each program setup very quickly and easily. It’s a very practical innovation that allows our teams to spend their time on content production rather than long technical preparation.”

The 22 meter x 15.5 meter studio includes a three-segment LED wall from Alfalite, which is used as the backdrop for all Aragon TV’s news programming, together with two smaller LED panels that can be moved and synchronized with playout on the main backdrop. A fleet of ARRI SkyPanel fixtures is mounted to the ceiling trussing to provide accurate color rendition and versatile soft lighting throughout the facility.

“A key challenge in the lighting design was how to ensure spill from the natural white lights onto the LED backdrop was avoided, which the team were able to incorporate into the core of the studio’s lighting plan,” continues Sanchez-Cuerda.


The new studio facilities are Aragon TV’s hub for its regional election coverage

 “This is our first installation of LED fixtures, and they bring huge creative benefits to our directors, who are able to create distinct effects for all of our content, whether that is news, lifestyle, or current affairs,” Martin continues. “ARRI Solutions not only understood how we wanted to use the facility in terms of content, but also the importance of the physical lighting design, to complement a virtual studio environment effectively. Getting this balance right enables us to produce a range of engaging and informative shows for our audience.”

Spain’s regional elections provided the first major broadcast opportunity from the new Studio 3 facility. Aragon TV produced a range of content in the studio, including candidate debates, dedicated news reports, and analysis of the election results across the region.

“The new facility provided the perfect platform for an important news event that is relevant for our viewers, and ensured our coverage production values were of the highest quality,” concludes Martin. “We are proud to provide such an important public service to our communities. The hard work and attention to detail that the ARRI Solutions team delivered throughout the project mean that we can serve and inform Aragon residents from a state-of-the-art studio facility.”