Virtual production stage for e-commerce project for Canada's StylePhotos Studios - Customer reference & use case.
May 18, 2023

ARRI Solutions elevates e-commerce content production for Canada’s StylePhotos Studios

Tailor-made solution for cinematic quality production comprises design, engineering, and project oversight for cutting-edge turnkey studio facilities, including virtual production and cyclorama stages.

May 18, 2023

ARRI Solutions has delivered conceptual design, consultancy, and technical integration services for StylePhotos Studios, an advanced production facility in Canada. The studio is primarily designed for e-commerce and commercial customers, but is also equipped to support high-end feature productions.

Located in Mississauga, Ontario, the 12,000 square foot (1,100 square meter) studio facilities comprise seven dedicated, modular areas for e-commerce content creation. The studio environment includes a 46 foot x 15 foot (14 meter x 4 meter) immersive LED volume, a 75 foot x 16 foot (22 meter x 4.5 meter) curved cyclorama, as well as bespoke studio sets, such as a kitchen set for food product commercials and cooking shows.


The studio is primarily designed for e-commerce and commercial customers, but is also equipped to support high-end feature productions

“E-commerce requires high volumes of content that needs to be produced in the quickest and most cost-effective way, often to very demanding deadlines. A key touchpoint for StylePhotos Studios is to ensure that our customers are reassured that production values are not compromised at any part of the production pipeline,” explains Khasan Aripov, CEO StylePhotos Studios. “By commissioning facilities that are designed around immersive, cutting-edge technology, clients have access to the very latest products and workflows that will maximize their time on-set.”

ARRI Solutions was engaged at a very early stage in the project, collaborating closely with StylePhotos Studios’ founders, Khasan Aripov and his brother Husan, to realize their ambitious vision for the facilities. The team provided concept design and engineering for the main studio areas, consultancy on power systems and distribution, and camera and lighting integration throughout the facilities. 


ARRI Solutions delivered conceptual design, consultancy, and technical integration services for the advanced production environment

“Being involved from the outset of this project was invaluable, as we were able to consult with the architect, general contractor, and engineering teams to ensure practical elements of the studio build were coordinated with construction, for example aligning planning for air conditioning units and the electrical system,” explains Stephan Ukas-Bradley, Vice President Solutions ARRI Americas. 

The team also designed lighting integration across the facility, with an array of ARRI SkyPanels and ARRI Orbiters providing high-quality lighting sources. In the LED volume, lighting and cameras are integrated into Unreal Engine to deliver authentic image quality within the volume. “While high-quality lighting is integral to filmmaking, it could be argued that it is even more important in advertising content, where accurate, authentic color and texture replication is critical,” continues Ukas-Bradley. “We took care to ensure the lighting design was tailored to each of the spaces within the studios, and that it would retain as much color and detail as possible.”  

The wide-ranging project required close collaboration and communication with a range of technical partners, in particular for the LED volume, where ARRI Solutions worked closely with partners including Absen, Brompton, MRMOCO, and Mo-Sys. 


An array of ARRI SkyPanels and ARRI Orbiters provide high-quality lighting sources throughout the studios 

To complement the studio spaces and deliver a full turnkey service, StylePhotos Studios has also invested in an extensive range of high-end production equipment from leading manufacturers, which customers can rent for their projects. The inventory includes the ALEXA 35, ARRI lenses, ECS (Hi‑5), camera stabilizer systems including TRINITY 2, lighting fixtures, and an extensive portfolio of accessories. “We want our clients to have access to the very best filmmaking equipment, and by having a full range in-house, they can focus entirely on their project, knowing they have everything they need to bring their creative vision to life,” Aripov continues.

StylePhotos Studios is now welcoming customers into the new facilities. “The scope of the project was already ambitious, but then we also had to contend with restrictions during the pandemic,” concludes Aripov. “The ARRI Solutions team worked tirelessly, not only during the design and installation phases. They also delivered invaluable support to our team as we prepared for our first commercial projects.”

Opening image: StylePhoto Studios