ARRI launches first CLOSE-UP event with DP Mandy Walker

ARRI Americas introduces its newest and ongoing community engagement and education series, ARRI CLOSE-UP. Watch the video highlights from the kickoff event with the series’ first guest, Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Mandy Walker.

May 16, 2023

ARRI CLOSE-UP is a recurring gathering for content creators, industry professionals, filmmakers, and students, with a focus on the art and craft of cinematic production and all surrounding disciplines.  

Ranging in focus from storytelling, cinematography, editing, visual effects, and production management, the ARRI CLOSE-UP series covers an extensive range of topics, making each iteration an enlightening showcase of the collaborative nature of the industry. 

For the first installment of the new event series, around 200 guests joined ARRI Americas at the company’s facility in Long Island City, New York. Vice President of Marketing and Development, Peter Crithary, had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Academy Award-nominated (“Elvis”) cinematographer Mandy Walker AM, ACS, ASC. 


Peter Crithary (ARRI Americas, l.) with Academy Award-nominated DP Mandy Walker AM, ACS, ASC

The comprehensive, in-depth conversation features Walker's insights on breaking into the film industry in Australia, transitioning into the industry as a career, and her subsequent rise from film loader to Oscar nominee. Additionally, Walker discusses her experience collaborating with renowned director Baz Luhrmann, recreating iconic images for the big screen on “Elvis,” and integrating ARRI products throughout her career's workflow.

I didn’t shoot digital until ALEXA came around.

Mandy Walker AM, ACS, ASC | Cinematographer

Watch the video for highlights of the first ARRI CLOSE-UP with Mandy Walker

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ARRI CLOSE-UP: A meeting point for the film industry

ARRI designed the CLOSE-UP series to serve as an ongoing community effort, where both emerging and established content creators can come together, share their experiences, learn, and delve further into the world of cinematic production. 

Each episode of ARRI CLOSE-UP will feature in-depth conversations with talented professionals from all walks of the filmmaking and content creation process. 

ARRI CLOSE-UP guests will share their creative journeys, insights, and perspectives, as well as answer audience questions, offering inspiration, and practical advice for those looking to enhance their craft. 


ARRI CLOSE-UP offers excellent opportunities for networking and real-time demonstrations

Through a variety of interviews, panel discussions, and real-time demonstrations, no two ARRI CLOSE-UP events will be the same. ARRI’s hope is that every CLOSE-UP installment furthers a sense of community and learning for all who are passionate about the art of film and content creation. 

By showcasing the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and innovative techniques, ARRI CLOSE-UP aims to empower and inspire content creators to push the boundaries of their work and bring their visions to life. 

ARRI is dedicated to celebrating the diverse voices and unique stories that make the world of content creation and cinematic production such an enriching collaborative community.