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Sep. 18, 2018

ARRI Camera Showreel Fall 2018

ARRI's Camera Showreel Fall 2018 is out, packed with beautiful images captured with ALEXA 65s, ALEXA LFs, ALEXA Minis & AMIRAS. Including extracts from features, documentaries, commercials & art works, it’s ARRI’s tribute to the work of some of the industry’s finest practitioners.

Sep. 18, 2018

Fifty-five cinematographers working around the world and across genres contributed. They take us from Hollywood blockbusters like Oscar Faura’s "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom", to the haunting wildlife documentary "Ghosts of the Arctic", filmed by Ivo Nörenberg, and then on to Ravi K. Chandran’s Telugu-language political thriller "Bharat Ane Nenu", and "Hidden Man", which has been a huge success in China for DP Xie Zhengyu.

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Producer Henning Raedlein and editor Thomas Erichsen have been making showreels for ARRI for more than ten years. The Fall 2018 video gives more room to material from commercials and art pieces than earlier reels and contains no footage that’s been used before. Nevertheless, there was still a large and diverse range of material to choose from.

“People are rightly proud of their work,” says Henning Raedlein, “and they are eager to see it included—which is a huge honor for us. So, we had some amazing images to work with, and we were able to highlight some areas we’ve given a little less emphasis to in the past.” 

While being fast-paced and stylish, overall this showreel feels more somber than some of its predecessors, reflecting an autumnal mood. “Yes, it’s appropriate for the season,” Henning says, “but there’s more to it than that. We wanted to give a flavor of where the industry is at the moment—that’s something we have always tried to do in our showreels. And, right now, things are not as upbeat and positive as they have been, because filmmakers are reflecting the times we’re in.”

Commercials for cars and cosmetics, as well as music videos feature strongly, profiting as they do from the high dynamic range and shallow depth-of-field of ARRI cameras. Other ARRI technology was involved too, including, for example, images captured by Charlie Rizek with an ALEXA LF and Signature Primes mounted on a TRINITY stabilization rig for an ARRI SkyPanel shoot.

There’s also footage from a highly atmospheric and energetic promotional film for Bulgaria’s Single Step Foundation shot by Jalaludin Trautmann BVK. The showreel ends on a reassuring note, with a late appearance of "Mary Poppins Returns", filmed by Dion Beebe ACS, ASC.